Monday, September 8, 2014


ESPN chatted with David Ortiz and he spoke about himself. What else is new. The subject of retirement and Papi came up. More importantly for Yankee fans though, he spoke about how Mariano Rivera did it and how Derek Jeter is doing it now.  Because it's always about him... Ortiz said this:

"'I don't know, but I'm not getting any younger... I don't want to put a date on it. I don't want to put a deadline on when I'm going to stop playing because that's not fair to the fans, it's not fair to myself, it's not fair to my family, my team.'

When Ortiz finally decides to retire, as one of the most popular athletes in Boston sports history, he doesn't want a farewell tour like the Yankees' Mariano Rivera had a year ago or what Derek Jeter is experiencing right now.

'What Derek Jeter is doing is fine because he's Derek Jeter. What Mariano did is fine because it's Mariano... But I don't know if I'm going to go through all that. I'm not going to wake up and be like, 'I'm going to play this year and then not anymore.' 

To me, it's going to be how things go through the season and how I feel, and then I'm going to be like, 'Mama, it's over.' I'm going to let her know.... The game is getting crazy. It's getting tougher for a guy like myself. When you get older you think things are going to get easier -- not in this game. You have to stay strong physically and mentally, so you can be successful.'"

Now one could argue that Ortiz was a huge part of the Sox run over the past decade. I would agree with that. But why does anyone care how David Ortiz wants to do his farewell tour or not, and furthermore, why does whenever the Yankees have some type of celebration, the press runs to David Ortiz for his opinion?  Then, somehow, he makes it about him.  It's not about him.  Yesterday was about Derek Jeter. Let it cook...

And that's why you need to appreciate Derek Jeter.  If not for his athleticism, then for his class and professionalism. Could you imagine if David Ortiz was where Jeter was yesterday and the press ask Jeter about Papi's celebration?  Do you think Jeter would insert himself into the scenario like this guy? 100% no.  

I'm sorry, sure, I'm probably overreacting, but there's an arrogance about Ortiz that drives me crazy. Sure... it's driven by the press... but Ortiz feeds into it.

Go away Papi.

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