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I have written about confidence on Bleeding Yankee Blue since September 2010.  It's what got me riled up about the Yankees and it's partially responsible as to why this website even began.  I believe in fighting till the end.  I believe in the best guys on the field, but I also believe in the underdog, especially if they are a believer, a gamer and have... everybody now... CONFIDENCE.  I wrote this to one of our BYB readers today after the win:
Everyone needs a reader like Sal Biondo Jr by the way...  The name alone makes him an automatic die-hard Yankee fan!

Confidence brings wins and then momentum happens. Put them together, you are unstoppable. Fact. What I saw from the Yankees in this series, the most important series so far, proved to me that not only do we have a shot… but we have a confident club capable of anything.  Our pitching the past four games has pretty much been incredible.  You realize if our normal starters were healthy, we would have seen Masahiro Tanaka, CC Sabathia, Ivan Nova and Hiroki Kuroda out there.

Instead it was Brandon McCarthy, Hiroki Kuroda, Chris Capuano and Shane Greene.  I mean, talk about a flip in personnel.   Wow.  On paper, I'm not sure I bet on the latter... but I would have lost that bet... and I'm OK with that. Confidence is key and they proved nearly everyone wrong. That's why I love the underdog. Believe and you shall conquer!

Shane Greene pitches like a veteran. Pure dominance out there! Today he went 8 innings giving up 5 hits and 0 runs.  He might have been in trouble once in a while, but it didn't phase him.  Why? Confidence.

David Robertson followed and while we sweat alittle, he was able to shut down the Motown Cats with little trouble.  But, we call him Houdini for a reason.  We got nervous… I know I did, but this time it wasn’t because of his stuff… it was because with men on base, and Miguel Cabrera coming up… let’s just say it’s nerve racking.  DRob won the battle and the Yankees won the war against the Cats. Why? Well you know what's I'm going to say... it's confidence.

The Yankees run scoring went like this:

In the bottom of the 4th, Stephen Drew dropped in a grounds-rule double knocking in Beltran.  Boston is cringing right now at Drew. Truth be told, I didn’t think his .176 average would have much of an impact with the Yankees, but he’s doing the important things for us.  I am happy to say that having Drew on the Yankees so far has been a pleasant experience.

(In Photo: Chase Headley)
In the end,  this series against the Tigers was huge and won by confidence.  If it is any indication of what the Yankees can become going down the stretch, well, bring it on because one thing is for sure; with guys like Prado, McCarthy, Capuano, Greene, Drew and Headley… the jolt has arrived in Yankeeland ladies and gentlemen!  Having these new guys perform, and bringing in their will and desire to be part of this club has provided a nice mix of players and a new energy!  It shook up stale routines. Most of all, it reminded the rest of the Yankees that confidence comes in all forms.  Believe in yourself and you cannot lose.  The dynamic we have right now is oozing confidence, and just in time.

Trust me when  I tell you, I didn’t have a lot of faith walking into this series against the Motown Cats, but something’s happening. We’re gelling.  The Yankees are coming together in August and with September right around the corner, and the possibility of Tanaka and Pineda coming back as well… there is hope.  We are only 5 games out in the American League East... think first place!  It's August, that's hardly a deficit.

We can do this… don’t you think?

Final: Yankees 1 – Motown Cats 0

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