Friday, August 15, 2014


 No, I don't mean a cigar.  I mean Rusney Castillo. George King III of the New York Post calls him the "Cuban Phenom", and writes:

"The Cuban defector, whom the Yankees like as a second baseman while other clubs believe him to be an outfielder, still has private workouts scheduled this week. 

Castillo, 27, worked out for the Yankees at their minor league complex Friday. He has worked out for the Phillies, Red Sox and Cubs and held a showcase in Miami for 28 teams, which the Yankees had four scouts attend. 

According to a person familiar with the situation, Castillo, who already has received offers, will sift through them and possibly make a decision about which one to take next week. It’s not known whether the Yankees are among the teams who have made Castillo an offer."

So what does it mean? It means the Yankees are interested but we know nothing more. In all honesty. it's a waiting game.  Now, I did find 1 part of this article interesting. King mentioned the Yankees see him as a second baseman, probably because of his 5'9" frame, but other teams see him as an outfielder.  Look, Castillo plays both, but it raises questions about Rob Refsnyder's future at second base for the Yankees as well.

We here at BYB have called for the Yankees to bring up Refsnyder in an attempt to utilize that .300 bat and young energy to maybe spark a flame under the asses of the Yankees offense.  Read  HEY HAL, LESS TALK... MORE ACTION!. Bottom line is, Hal Steinbrenner can talk all he wants.  He can tell a team to "step it up", but if you don't break old routines and add in some energy, you'll never motivate a club.  Refsnyder, in my opinion is the solution for that energy. He's also the Yankees future at 2nd. Now though, new questions arise. Castillo is also being considered, and if a offer goes his way from the Yankees, how will it all shake down?

It is interesting.  Sometimes I feel like the Yankees are the kid that wants to play with all the toys, even if they don't need them.

I will say this though, Castillo sounds like the real deal, but we're gonna have to see what happens. Stay tuned...

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