Thursday, August 28, 2014


This is odd, and stupid and ridiculous in my book. I wanted to share this with you because I believe you'll be just as annoyed as me.

You know I've never been a fan of Bud Selig as commissioner.  I believe Joe Torre should have been the new commissioner. Why you ask? Because I believer a commissioner should actually be a person who has played the game and can get things done the correct way, working with the players union as well as giving the game the right elements and making the right decisions that benefit everyone, from the fans to the players to the owners.  Torre is a man of the people... Selig is out for himself.  It was never more evident than when he announced he wanted a parting gift for himself this last year as commissioner. Ridiculous.

According to, Corey Brock says the San Diego Padres have paid homage to Selig... or something:

"On yet another sun-kissed day in paradise, the Padres honored Selig with a dedication ceremony of the Selig Hall of Fame Plaza at Petco Park, which sits behind the Western Metal Supply Building, next to 13 palm trees, waving gently in the breeze during the 20-minute ceremony before Tuesday's game against the Brewers, which the Padres won, 4-1.

Dee said the area will serve as a home to the Padres Hall of Fame and eventually statues in the plaza to honor Padres greats as well as a plaque to honor Selig, not just for his overall achievements to baseball during his 22-year tenure as Commissioner but the specific accomplishment of helping to keep baseball afloat in San Diego.

The Selig Hall of Fame Plaza will be open year-round to fans."

Mike Dee, the CEO of the Padres said: "We wanted to do something to recognize his contributions here in San Diego because they are unique... Make no mistake, his contributions to the creation of Petco Park are profound. For those of us who were around and know the trips he made and conversations he had with local officials."

I guess that's all fine and good for the Padres, but what about the Padres fans?  Well, there is already a petition to have Selig's name taken off of Petco Park. Good for them! According to USA Today, "So some Padres fans objected to their club honoring Selig and responded with an online petition to strip the commissioner’s name from the newly named plaza." Nice, isn't baseball about the fans anyway? Without fans, how does baseball continue to be successful?

And while were on the subject, what about baseball as a whole? What about the witchhunt of Alex Rodriguez, but David Ortiz can prance around Boston scot-free?

What about the way he turned a blind on of abusive PED use in the 90's, when fans started to show up to the ballparks again to watch home runs? I guess when the money started to poor in, sometimes you just keep quiet, right Bud?

Now, sure, if the Padres management is happy with Selig, they could do whatever the hell they want to honor this guy, but Selig is the commissioner of all of baseball, and he was a terrible commissioner. 

I found the story interesting.... and wanted to share. Carry on.

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