Saturday, August 9, 2014


Now before you get crazy, let me state that the actual ceremony for Paul O'Neill was just plain awesome.  There is no better way to honor a Yankee great than at the stadium with 50,000 friends. 

We love Paulie here, and the Yankees did the right thing honoring him. All I'm saying is, I wish a win went along with it. 

The Yankees scored ZERO runs off Indians pitching today.  Brandon McCarthy got his first loss as a Yankee, but once again, he was strong and just in the zone. There is no way better to describe McCarthy.  The dude is a huge success in the Bronx, and I wish him a long tenure here.  I hope that can happen. 
McCarthy went 6.1 innings, giving up 7 hits and 2 runs. You can't kill the guy at all, he was great. The bottom line is this; if your team doesn't score runs, you can't win.

The other run was given up by Chase Whitley. Lefty Rich Hill appeared today as well.  Hill kind of makes me long for Matt Thornton... who makes me long for Boone Logan, or... something like that.  I'm not too sure how I feel about Hill yet. I do know this, I like Whitley in the starting role better. In fact, I would suggest they send him down and let him work in that capacity.   I don't feel like Whitley is comfortable in the relief role. It could be just me... but I feel like it's Joba and Hughes all over again.

The only other highlight besides Paulie's honoring today? Derek Jeter passed Honus Wagner today. Just plain awesome.

Final: Indians 3 - Yankees 0.

We were shut out. All can do is suck it up, go out and get a steak dinner, go to be bed early and come back tomorrow and win.

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