Monday, August 18, 2014


We reported the other day that Masahiro Tanaka was to throw off a mound in TANAKA, THE MOUND & HOPE. We wrote then that Chad Jennings of USA Today said: "The plan is for Tanaka to throw a 25-pitch bullpen Saturday. It will be, without a doubt, his most significant step yet in this attempt to rehab his way back from a partially torn elbow ligament."

After Tanaka threw 25 fastballs, he felt no pain.  Good.  As I wrote that day, the problem isn't the Yankees pitching, it's the Yankees hitting, so why rush Tanaka back? It makes sense to me.

The good news is Tanaka's being handled with care, and the fact that the Yankees appreciate him working toward a goal of returning is a good thing, but the bottom line is, we just gotta take it slow. It's my thought that if the Yankees play hard and make the playoffs, we can get the guy back just in time, especially if he's recovering slowly.

Finally, let me say this, and it's not a shot at Kuty himself, it's a question about the direction of sports journalism. I thought Brendan Kuty was a news reporter for the Star Ledger? Since when is he offering an opinion on the Yankee players?
"I thought the Yankees should shut him down immediately. My thinking, at the time, didn't feel outrageous: He's your most prized possession, so guard him as best you can.

Actually, I still don't think that idea is totally nuts. If the Yankees want to give him Tommy John surgery later this afternoon, fine, I get it."
That's from Kuty's piece. That's weird.  Anyway, life goes on, enjoy your day.

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