Tuesday, August 19, 2014


The other day, Erica Morales wrote THE STEROIDS HYPOCRISY.  It was an honest piece and we had a ton of feedback on it.  If you get chance, read it. You'll enjoy it.

As BYB evolves, we like to give you all sides, including from our readers. I found 2 comments after the piece was released quite interesting.  I wanted to share them with you today in it's own piece.  Enjoy it, and to Marc and Joanie... thanks for joining the conversation:

From Marc14:
"I believe that most world class athletes do or did what they had to do to make themselves the best. I'm not condoning steroids. Just saying that if most of baseball was doing it, then it wasn't the unfair competitive advantage we believe. It was more like keeping up with the Joneses. Why are we letting the pill poppers from the 70s go?  What they did was illegal and especially the guys that shared with teammates in a normal world... they've gone to jail. The doctors should have been locked up.
Getting back to today, I'm shocked at pitchers being allowed to take adderall and if ARod had permission from MLB to use testosterone or whatever he took, how do we know how many other players have that same permission? I could go on and on."
From Joanie:
"Well, here's my take. I don't like Braun because he threw someone else under the bus to save himself. David Ortiz plays for Boston. Isn't that enough reason to hold it against him?
And I think we hate that our Yankee record was broken by Mark & Sammy. All is fair in love and baseball. :) Also, because the media likes him, Ortiz was able to get it swept under the rug.
As for Alex, there are few of us who support and forgive him. He has never been forgiven for that first big contract and his Jeter comment.  I almost feel like I support him because people feel he is the anti-Jeter.  I think Yankee fans hate him more than other fans because of Jeet.  People need to get over that."
 Good work all around.

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