Friday, August 8, 2014


There's a mild uproar surrounding what happened in the Yankees clubhouse the other day.  Apparently CC Sabathia has a beard.  Apparently people are pissed.  Apparently, CERTAIN reporters like to give dirt on Yankee players even when they aren't active with the club... just to cause a stir, I guess.  I call it sad, leave Sabathia alone, seriously.

Doug Gould of the Associated Press put this little nugget into his report after his game notes between the Yankees and the Tigers the other night. You know, it was the match-up between Justin Verlander and Chris CapuanoCap won.

Gould wrote this "controversial" nugget:

"CC Sabathia, sporting a full beard and walking with the aid of a metal crutch, joined his teammates for the official team photo before the game. Considering the Yankees’ long-standing policy against beards, it is likely the “offending” growth with be photo shopped."

Now, we know the beard and hair policy with the Yankees. It's been happening for years. You remember the big controversy surrounding the Boss and Don Mattingly and his "shoulder length" hair that Donnie refused the cut.  At the time, everyone loved Donnie, so we, the fans didn't think it was a big deal. Yet, if the Boss wanted it trimmed, there needed to be a trim. Those are the rules and Donnie was an active player at the time.

But it's my opinion that CC needs to be left alone here.  Let's face it, CC just had surgery to clean up his knee.  He's not coming back this season. In which case, he's behind the scenes, currently on the  40 man roster on the 60 day DL, but not on the active roster. He's in recovery mode. Yet, Gould wants to cause trouble. Why?  Does he pay attention to rosters or does he just like to make a mountain out of a mole hill?  It's silly.

Even Mr. Mom had a beard when he was on the DL so to speak. Consider it CC's relaxed look, he's NOT PLAYING Gould! Wow. Remember when the AP actually wrote important information? As far as I'm concerned, CC can have a "Joba" for all I care.

Let the dude recover in peace.

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