Thursday, August 7, 2014


Suzie Pinstripe!

Yup, It's not a cool gig... it's an amazing gig, and when we heard that Dante Bichette Jr was promoted to the Trenton Thunder, we had to be there!  We are happy to report that we will be in the press box reporting on the Thunder tonight as well as the promotion of Dante. Look for it!

Just a quick note, We love the Trenton Thunder. They are an amazing facility made up of professionals that work their tails off.  That's not even the players, I'm talking about the staff. They are courteous and understand what we do as press.  It is our pleasure to report positively on such a great operation.  

(In Photo: Trenton Thunder Press Box)
This very moment Suzie is pressing the flesh and chatting it up with some of the best there in Trenton. Why? Well, it's twofold; She loves the game and the Yankees, and as a member of the press, we like to do our best here and offer you nuggets and let you know that Bleeding Yankee Blue is a serious operation these days.  For those of you who have read us since the beginning, you've seen us evolve.  I think it's safe to say that these days ... BYB is legit.

Now... one thing we can definitely report from sources on the ground there in Trenton tonight.  There is a ton of buzz about Dante Bichette Jr.  As one person said, Dante Sr. doesn't put pressure on his son to perform. He let's him get out there and do his thing.  The reason? Dante Jr is a "real confident kid."

Atta boy. Go Get'em!

Wish Suzie Good luck tonight. She's there getting the scoop for our BYB readers! It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it. I'm glad it got to be her!

Oh and if you're interested, please read out interview with Dante Jr. after he was drafted by the Yankees. It's still great, even now: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: DANTE BICHETTE JR.

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