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Not sure if you've ever read PLAYERS WHO HAVE PLAYED BEFORE: PART 1, but what we did was put together a group of players with the same name that have played in baseball at some other point.  It was light reading and fun and interesting and all of that. No biggie.

Well, this next installment is pretty entertaining and the names are much bigger...  Check this out:

Bernie Williams: You know him, you love him. He was part of the biggest Yankees run in our generation. But did you know that back from 1970 to 1972, there was a rookie with the San Francisco Giants named Bernie Williams as well?

That Williams only played 4 years in the majors, and ended his career with the San Diego Padres. 

Cliff Lee: The Cliff Lee we know was pretty much almost a Yankee this year, but thank god Brian Cashman kept his money in his pocket and didn't make any drastic moves to trade anyone away.  As you may or may not know, Cliff Lee is now shut down for the season for the Phillies, read HERE.

Well, did you know that from 1919 to 1926, Cliff Lee also played in baseball? That Cliff Lee was an outfielder, infielder and catcher, and played for the Pirates, Phillies, Reds and Indians.

Mickey Mantle: Here's a great one, and one that is an actual relation.  Mickey Mantle and Mickey Mantle.  That's right, we all know Mickey Mantle the superstar, but did you know that his son played too?  Back when OUR Mick played, he was large than life, but after our Mick and for a short time in the minor leagues in 1978, Mickey Mantle played... real briefly.

Mickey Mantle Jr. played for the Alexandria Dukes and I found this photo on Ebay and thought it was pretty cool, check it out HERE.

As you can imagine, Mick Jr. never made it. Could you imagine if he did and was as amazing as his father?

Bobby Brown: I remember in 1981, there was a kid named Bobby Brown. The only real memory of him was seeing him as a pinch hitter in the 1981 World Series, Game 5. I remember back then I was thinking, "Who's this guy?"  Bobby played from 1979 to 1985, only playing 3 years with the Yankees.

Years later I realized that there was a Dr. Bobby Brown that played for the Yankees before that Bobby.  We know him because he played with some pretty great Yankee teams from 1946 to 1954. He was a good Yankee and don't get it twisted... he became a doctor after the Yankees. In fact, he accomplished much in his life.

Billy Martin: Finally for this installment... Billy Martin.

Billy was an amazing manager but also had his share of trouble in his life.  That being said, many have memories of him fighting with umpires, with Ed Whitson and getting fired alot by the Boss.  He was also a decent player for the Yankees before that.

But, before our Billy Martin, there was another Billy Martin. That Martin played in 1914, his only season with the Boston Braves.  He was a shortstop, who had 3 at bats in the major leagues.  His average? .000.

So there you have it, another installment, and this one was fun. Hey, it's Friday, we thought we'd lighten the load.  You get alittle trivia, and alittle fun. Only from Bleeding Yankee Blue.

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