Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I love it when things start to look up for the New York Yankees...

It's being reported that our ace, Masahiro Tanaka is feeling "no pain" in his elbow.

According to Sweeny Murti:
That's good news and I hope it's not Tanaka trying to be a hero. I hope it's a legit report coming from Tanaka.  Oh, and don't forget, three weeks ago, Tanaka had platelet-rich plasma injection. So look, 3 things can happen here...

Masahiro rushes back, hurts himself and then he'll need Tommy John Surgery or something ridiculous like that.


Masahiro comes back, they handle him in bubble wrap and he gets through the season, helps win the World Series, and then comes back 100% next season with CC Sabathia and we are on our way to win it all!


He comes back full healthy, looks like he never left... we win the World Series and all is well in the world.

I'm hoping for scenario 3.  Baby steps.

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