Monday, August 11, 2014


I love when Mark Teixeira does Foul Territory.  To be honest, I wish the YES Network would play them during games once in awhile. I guess it would take away from Tex's real job, playing ball for the Yankees, but the reality is, Mark has been out of the lineup a helluva lot this year.  Hence the new BYB nickname, PORCELAIN.

I noticed when Tex was out last week, Twitter lit up. We were pissed! "Again?" Fans are frustrated by the injury list... I get it.   There were a ton of people annoyed with the pinky injury as well as the story from August 5th suggesting that he "can't play through injury anymore."

Then, strangely, a new Foul Territory popped up with Brett Gardner.  With that my friends, I have to call "FOUL!"

Now, to be fair, I have no idea when they taped that episode, but if Tex is hurt, it's not exactly the best time to spring a new Foul Territory on us, is it?

Long story short... Tex is back, but for how long?

Anyway... Just a thought... carry on.

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