Thursday, August 14, 2014


Yankeeland is outraged.  We need a change and we need it now.  Top reason why we can’t get it together? Energy is stale and the offense can't knock in runs.  We have an older, broken down bunch of players not capable of changing routines.  We have Yankee brass not willing to make drastic changes to “light a fire”, and I don't mean signing new life, I mean making a statement with what we have.

Now, Hal Steinbrenner has come out and said the offense needs to step up, and that's fine... I guess. He said this about the team's production:  "They have to. They know that... They're professionals and the talent is there. But they've got to step it up and they know that. ... Look, my job is to be an optimist, and I am confident."

True, and I appreciate the talk, Hal.  But talk is now cheap. Yankeeland is frustrated. We have told the offense all season they needed to step up... and guess what? They haven't. Plus, we have questions now about conditioning of pitchers, and what about bringing up our youth? Where's the energy on this club? Why are we not shaking up the lineup? Why is Kevin Long's job safe? Is Joe Girardi or Larry Rothschild on the chopping block? Now we need action...we need hard choices.  Make a God damn statement and prove you're serious about the team needing to step up!

The Yankees are like Congress these days… low approval rating.  We pay for solid play as fans and I mean, we are the Yankees, we’re supposed to be winning, not losing the way we are!  On paper, we appear to have what it takes, but let’s face it, Brian McCann has turned out to be a dud and we traded for a great defender with no bat in Stephen Drew for a guy with no bat and an OK defender in Kelly Johnson.  But let's be honest? Is there really an upgrade with someone like Stephen Drew from someone like Brian Roberts before him? I can’t believe how disgraceful the second base position is right now.  Robinson Cano is laughing his ass off.  

One quick fix that we can all agree on is Rob Refsnyder needs to be brought up now!  I know we have Drew at 2nd, but it’s not working. Bring up Refsnyder, bring up that youthful energy and let's get it going!  He batting .300 right now… the guy is ready. Let’s do this.

Energy gets a team going.  Look at someone like Yangervis Solarte.  He was so excited to be in New York and his energy has now translated to San Diego. He's fun to watch.  You know who else was like that? Derek Jeter. Jorge Posada. Andy Pettitte. Bernie Williams. Mariano Rivera.  Homegrown kids who made it to the show and never looked back.  The kids need to be sprinkled into this crippled Yankee roster now.  Cut the fat, bring in the young ones.  

We are 8 games out of first place in the American League East, the hardest division.  Despicable.  We can’t score runs.  Read IT'S BIZARRO IN YANKEE GAMES THIS YEAR.  The Stats don’t lie… we are a pathetic bunch.  Sure, accuse me of being harsh. I’ll accuse you of not truly understanding what the word “collapse” means.  It’s us.  

You know why the Baltimore Orioles play so well? It’s because Buck Showalter breaks rusty routines and motivates a club.  Those players WANT to run though a brick wall for Buck, because they know they’d do it as a team.  We don’t have a team these days… we have individuals unable to perform together.  It’s baseball ladies and gentlemen… not high school wresting.  We need to get it done together.

The solution is simple; inject youth and energy into this club now! Bring up Rob Refsnyder… not as a September call up, as a player on this club in August! Inject life into our lineup... Shake it up. Bench players who aren’t performing. When they ask why, be honest, say “Because you suck!” Yankee fans are fed up!  We want life in the pinstripes now! If we don’t do it in August, you can kiss the playoffs goodbye.   

You think the media was harsh on the Yankees in 2013 after we didn’t make the playoffs? Wait until you see what happens if we don’t make it in 2014. Armageddon.  The Yankees, the brass and management will get crushed. The fans, as much as we love our team, will leave. The fan base will turn their back on them.  And yes, Cashman made a splash in the offseason with guys like Jacoby Ellsbury, Masahiro Tanaka, McCann… but they don’t carry a club.  We need everyone, ALL 25 to make it work.  We don’t have the hunger to win. We have tired, old players who can’t understand why their not hitting anymore.  Well… it’s their job to figure it out.  If they can't bench them, send them down, trade them. And if you want… consider new life… consider Rob Refsnyder.

It’s the youth moment… and we’re calling for it here at Bleeding Yankee Blue… we need a change, and energy and a shake up... Who’s with me?

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