Thursday, August 7, 2014


No one is a bigger fan of Clay Rapada than me. Besides his talent, he's just a good dude.  I just wanted to point out that when news broke that the Orioles had released Clay Rapada, to make room for Joe Saunders, I felt bad.

The Tides, his club announced the move here:
The reality is, the guy is a fighter and he needs a shot.

Alittle background... when Clay came to the Yankees, I was psyched. The guy has a unique delivery and is literally "underrated", plus a lefty. But sometimes when teams "take a chance" on you, they sign you, they start you in the minors, and you don't always get that shot, unless you WOW them instantly.  Baseball's a fast moving sport.  They are constantly looking for the quick fix. I almost feel like they concentrate too much on the numbers, and not enough on what can be. I know, a 7.23 ERA doesn't cut it. All I'm saying is I guess I'm just a "go by feel" kind of guy... anyway, I'm rambling...

Whatever the case, wish Clay well, and let him know he needs to keep going!  There is no question Rapada will latch on somewhere... I just hope he does soon.  He's a helpful, talented pitcher and a team just needs to give him that shot to shine again.

 You know what? I wish the Yanks would bring him back... I know he'll succeed again in the Bronx.

Come on home Clay... get your agent to make a call, or maybe BYB will on your behalf!

Besides... Hello Kitty misses you...

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