Sunday, August 17, 2014


The Posadas are a terrific family.  I am lucky enough to have met Jorge & Laura once. That moment was brief, but wonderful. They are truly kind individuals.

We were at Jorge Posada's honoring at the Joe Torre Gala, and being overwhelmed with people and fans, we knew it wasn't going to be easy. We also didn't want to be annoying... that's not our style. My wife and I shook hands with Laura and Jorge, made eye contact and said a few words. They obviously knew BYB at that point, so there were smiles. But it was from that point forward that I knew that there was a connection.

We're similar in many ways. We raise our families similarly. We share the same values and me and Jorge both being Leos, understand the fight of life. We need to be on top. That's our nature. We understand the idea of drive and hard work and climbing the mountain.  We conquer challenges that come our way.  Maybe that's why I have always appreciated the work ethic of Jorge throughout his Yankee career, and why I appreciate Laura as well.  They are both tough cookies, they are passionate about what they do and it's contagious.  I have tremendous respect for that.

I just wanted to take a moment and say Happy Birthday to a true warrior. Jorge Posada fought hard, even when he was overshadowed by others because people didn't think he could hack it.

That doubt only made Jorge fight harder.  Years later, I miss Jorge on the field. We could use him in the Yankee lineup right now... his passion is missing.

But the greatest gift Jorge has is, after he accomplished all he did on the field, he was able to go home to his loving family and enjoy life after baseball.

No question he's enjoying himself, and thank God for Laura for documenting everything for us fans to enjoy.   She loves her man.  She's crazy about her family and she wants us all to know it. Gotta love these guys!

I believe in the fighter, because much like Jorge, I needed to fight for what I wanted in life.  I was never that tall and people didn't think I could do much in the field... but I did.  I was never considered the right pick for many things, but my creative flair and drive have brought me over the top. Even in some regards I was called a light weight in the blog world... "BYB will never fly", or, "You guys are too weird and different." Right... but we succeeded. These days, I've been successful in life, because of my parents, but because of role models and peers like Jorge Posada.  A leader and a believer.  I'm rambling now, but you see where my heart lies.  Good things come to good people.  Jorge is one of those good people.

He led by example his entire career... and he's getting back now in love and appreciation... from his family... from the fans, and for a guy like me.

You did good, Jorge. Thank you... and Happy Birthday.

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