Friday, August 15, 2014


In 1990, I saw a movie called Flatliners.  It was a thriller about a bunch of medical students who run an experiment where they bring themselves literally near death, or flat line and over time, things just get bad.

It's funny... that premise sounds like the New York Yankees.  Not the "medical students" part... but the "bringing themselves literally near death, or flat line" part.  Our Yankee club looks horrible.  There is no way around it.  If I hear 1 more announcer say or tweet that that Yankees are "frustrating", I'm going to scream.  We know that already.  Like I've stated here on BYB, enough talking... we need action!

You know what I want? I want the Yankees to let Hank Steinbrenner out of his cage.  I want him to say something honest and offensive about our club and then I want him to follow up with what he says. Right now we need a shock factor.   I want Hank to suggest guys that don't perform should be benched!  I want a shake up and a microscope on the guys that can't get it done! I want all the papers to pick it up and then I want to see those players... NOT PLAY.   Then, I want Hank to put his Marlboro Reds in his blazer pocket, hop into his Cadillac and drive off like a bull in a china shop. Meanwhile, we just standing there watching him drive away, and we're thinking...  "Holy Shit... but he might be right!"

Lost. Sad. Pathetic. Lifeless. Those are all words to describe this Yankee offense. I don't want to hear my Yankees say in the post game that "Cobb was tough tonight", because I don't care. Cobb didn't pitch in the past 10 games against the Yankees, but we still managed to lose some of those too.  I'd rather they say they aren't doing the job and they should have their pay docked.  OR, how about they apologize to us fans?   We are no more than a below average ball club right now. And by the way, I salute the hard work by our pitching... they are not the problem.

Brandon McCarthy pitched well tonight.  Blame the hitting. Blame the lousy offense... they're on notice... they suck.

McCarthy went 6.1 innings, he allowed 7 hits and 4 runs.  Esmil Rogers gave up the 5th run, but the reality is, the Yankees were shut out and they shouldn't have been. Alex Cobb is good, but like I tweeted, he's not iconic or anything:
For the Yankees... 7 hits tonight. 7 left on base. Opportunities were spoiled. We have problems, my friends.

We look bad... we're close to death... we're about to flat line.

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