Saturday, August 2, 2014


(In Photo: Chris Capuano)
The Yankees lost last night to the Red Sox.  For me personally, that's not the story.  Teams win games. Teams lose games, and there is no question, that this Yankees losing streak is terrible for our boys in pinstripes, as well as the fans. But the negative energy I'm seeing is destructive and dangerous... and it's also unnecessary. Then again, each fan is different... do what you want.  All I'm saying is... it's not helping.

True, it's August 2nd. Yankeeland is freaking out. But think about what has happened. The offseason was filled with big pickups and we were happy.  Masahiro Tanaka was huge for us. Brian McCann was a genius behind the plate and the Yankees got him, and taking Jacoby Ellsbury away from Beantown was to make for a repeat of former Red Sox players that came to New York and win championships.   Well...

Did you know Tanaka was gonna get hurt? I didn't. Did you know that Brian McCann was going to struggle this badly at the plate? Not me. The point is, the pick ups we made were huge, but the team is not gelling. The team is just not scoring runs.  That's what makes baseball so glorious. It's a team sport. You can't win it by yourself.

I laughed when I read this from Jerry last night on Facebook after the Yankees lost:

Really? REALLY?  Chris Capuano pitched 6.1 innings last night giving up 9 hits and only 4 runs.  Right, but he sucks.  Got it. 

There is offense that's supposed to go with pitching, and the trouble this season is NOT Chris Capuano... it's the Yankee "Ducks on the Pond" that cannot score.  But here's more... the bullpen held the Sox down. That gave the Yankees enough time to strike... but we just didn't strike.

The only runs we scored last night went like this:

In the 4th, Carlos Beltran homered. It was a solo shot.  In the 6th, Carlos Beltran singled knocking in Jacoby Ellsbury.  In the 8th, Derek Jeter homered.  Those are your 3.

(In Photo: Stephen Drew)
On a side note, and it was game 1 with the Yankees, Stephen Drew, Martin Prado and Chase Headley didn't light it up at all!

Stephen Drew: 0-4 / .170
Martin Prado: 0-2 / .269
Chase Headley: 0-4 / .234

While they are not supposed to carry the New York Yankees... they are supposed to help. But it's my opinion that that will come.  My good friend Frank, former BYB writer and all around good guy (just grumpy... I kid), reminded me about our new guys last night:

All I can say is this... I feel like a moment is coming.  I feel like the Yankees WILL gel. I just feel like, while time is running out... we need alittle more time.

Finally, let me say this... As a fan, you may root any way you want!  I have no problem with it. Sometimes I get crazy frustrated.  The Yankees are not a great team this season.  On paper they are, but not on the field.  If you want to boo, boo. You are allowed to as a fan.  If you're trying to stay postive, do it. You're entitled.  All I'm suggesting is, try to be strong as fans. We are better in numbers... positive numbers.   It's my belief that doubt and negativity could kill a franchise, as well as a fan base.  We're the Yankees. That's not us. 

We can do it ladies and gentlemen. We've been handed some good players.  We have the ability.  We have the drive.  All I'm saying is believe... believe in the pinstripes.  It will be a beautiful thing when it all comes together....remember?

Final: Red Sox 4 - Yankees 3

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