Thursday, August 21, 2014


You don't need the manager of the Yankees to tell us that the Yankees suck.  When asked about the Yankees and what they need to do to get to the playoffs, Joe Girardi said: "It’s hard to win when you only score two runs. Our pitching has been pretty good, but that’s a tall task. … If we don’t play better, we can’t get there.”

Sounds like Joe reads Bleeding Yankee Blue, because WE'VE BEEN YELLING ABOUT THIS SINCE MAY! But it's not Girardi's job to critique his club. It's mine.  It's his job to fix the problem. He's the manager. He's got personnel... use them.  He's got baseball skill, share it. What the hell is wrong with this guy?

We've stated here a shake up needs to happen.  Bench players and let them know what they're being benched for.  Start questioning the jobs of Kevin Long and Larry Rothschild. And you know what? Maybe Hal needs to sit Joe down and let him know that his job isn't safe either.  A shake up needs to happen now... the window is about to close.  Trust me ladies and gentlemen, if we don't start winning, you can forget about the playoffs and wearing those comfy Bleeding Yankee Blue hoodies to the stadium this fall.  It won't be happening.   If we don't make the playoffs 2 years in a row... HEADS WILL ROLL... and they should.

These losses not only hurt the fans, but it hurts the Yankees pocketbook who thought they had a sure thing going into the 2014 season... Jeter's last year.   They won't stand for it.

Right now they're scratching their heads and wondering what went wrong.  What we can't do though is sit around making obvious statements and asking questions. Not as a manager. That doesn't help... it just makes the team look like we lack confidence and pride.

I long for the days of Jorge Posada. If he had a bad game... he was mad and everyone knew it! Not these guys. They don't feel sorry for themselves... they just collect their paychecks and continue to be mediocre.

Well... that's not acceptable.

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