Wednesday, August 6, 2014


When Joba Chamberlain came out to pitch in the 9th last night at Yankee Stadium, in his pirate’s beard and confidence… Yankeeland gave him a Bronx cheer. I gotta tell ya… I don’t get it ladies and gentlemen. I'm embarrassed.

Joba Chamberlain didn’t walk out on New York. New York walked out on Joba Chamberlain.  Sure, you can try and make the argument that Joba couldn't hack it in New York, but there were some great times where he DID hack it. Have we forgotten?

Look, I’ve had numerous conversations with Joba Chamberlain privately, out of the social networks. So clearly there is a bias. I've got to know the man, and he's just like you and me.  My opinion on Joba is simple;  He’s a guy trying to climb the mountain again.  It’s my opinion from our conversations that when the Yankees turned their back on him, he had to move on, for him, for his pride and for his son, whom he absolutely adores.  Joba Chamberlain is human. What the hell are Yankee fans thinking?

There were moments in Jobaland when he was unstoppable. Yankee fans need to embrace those memories. I remember some pretty big moments against the Sox where he’d fist pump like there was no tomorrow after a big strikeout.  The dude was energized and loving New York then. That’s because the Yankees gave him a shot and the fans fell in love.  He was a reliever when he was at his best, and personally, that’s where he should have stayed.  He will never admit to me that that’s where he should have been. For him, he would have ran through a brick wall for the Yankees if they asked him to. That’s because, despite what some of you think, Joba is a gamer.

And yes, the guy had struggles and lost some confidence, but even after the DUI and trampoline setbacks, his job was to throw the baseball and near the end of last season, he came to the realization that if it wasn’t for New York, it would be somewhere… and he found that opportunity in Detroit.  I say to that, good for you, Joba. Go get’em!

But is that a reason to Boo? Honestly. Joba Chamberlain may have had a tough time in New York, but he did something to better himself. At the end of the day, he didn’t abandon New York… he moved on.  Give the guy an “Atta boy”, because it’s my feeling that it’s tough enough to get to the major leagues… but it’s harder to stay there, and Joba is staying, even if it IS in Motown.  Joba has a goal. Applaud that.

I’m not gonna tell fans what to do. If you want to boo a player, you pay money to do whatever the hell you want. All I’m asking is Why?  It makes no sense to me… the guy's human for Christ’s sake.

I leave you with this. It’s Joba Chamberlain's message posted on Bleeding Yankee Blue to the fans, when we posted it Exclusively for him TO YOU:

"I appreciate it. I learned so much from it all. I'm so grateful and thankful for the tremendous 7 years. Ups and downs included. It made me a better man, father, friend, and baseball player... I wouldn't be anything without the fans that supported me. I know it was hard at times but I hope they know I gave it everything I had every time I went out there."

Root for Joba. If not for the player, then for the man.  He’s doing his best "him" these days... you gotta give him that!

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