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For months we've been talking about how the Yankee offense can't score runs.  It's been a problem all season and it's more and more annoying every game as we head into September. Today was a perfect example again, except this time, the headline on wasn't about the Yankees NOT scoring, but instead about how Brandon McCarthy blew it.  The headline? It's: McCarthy surrenders lead as Yanks drop finale.

I mean sure, he surrendered the lead, but the bigger story is that the Yankees continually DON'T score or didn't fight back today. The Yankees scored one run in the 1st, one in the 4th and one in the 5th. They left 8 men on base today.  They were 1-8 with runners in scoring position, but sure, blame Brandon McCarthy, one of the most solid fill-in pitchers we've had all season.  McCarthy has been terrific and with a lack of run support, no pitcher can truly succeed. McCarthy included. It's embarrassing.

You know, it's funny... BYB wrote a very popular piece today titled: YANKEE MANAGEMENT IS THE NEW DEFINITION OF INSANITY. Shortly after it was released, there was a comment on Facebook that I was very confused with:

Now, I have no beef toward Angelo. He's just totally wrong.  The bottom line is the Yankee injuries and replacement pitching hasn't been the issue all year. 

(In Photo: Chris Capuano)
In fact, the replacements have been amazing and continually keep us in the game, surprising us EVERY game. It's the offense that's the problem. Today was a perfect example of that.  Sure, try and blame McCarthy for not being able to "hang on", but this is just a sample size of how the offense has worked all year.  They build a lead or score some runs early only the fizzle.  Today was no different. Don't blame the Yankee pitching for our problems. Blame the offense.

The 3 Yankee runs went like this:

Brett Gardner hit a solo shot in the 1st inning. It was his 16th.  In the 4th, Francisco Cervelli singled and knocked in Martin Prado. Then in the 5th, Gardy tripled and when there was a throwing error, he was able to score.  But then, there was chaos and Yankee fizzle all wrapped up into 1, and it was that chaos that deflated the Yankees...

As the Star Ledger reports: "The Yankees lost their grip on a lead against the Toronto Blue Jays Sunday in the seventh inning in one sudden, hard-luck sequence: a pitch that narrowly missed the strike zone, a base hit barely beyond the reach of Martin Prado’s out-stretched glove and a tag at the plate just fractionally late.

 Said Francisco Cervelli, the Yankees catcher whose desperate lunge toward Steve Tolleson almost -- but didn’t -- negate the go-ahead run in a 4-3 loss, 'Everything happened so fast.'"

It happened so fast? Really? It's actually been a slow burn this entire season.  Sure, Cervelli's bringing up today's loss, but all season there has been disappointment, and Yankee fans are fed up.

Look, this is supposed to be a recap, but for the past few recaps, it's turned into more of a rant about how horrible my Yankee team is. I apologize, but I need to be straight with you. The reason why BYB started in the first place is because the Yankees were sucking, and ironically, on the heels of Bleeding Yankee Blue's 4th anniversary, we've come full circle. They suck again, and they're started to fade away.

Again... will I give up on my Yankees? Truth be told, I will never give up on the pinstripes.  I am however being realistic... it's over this season.  I'm pretty sure of it.

Final: Blue Jays 4 - Yankees 3

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