Monday, August 4, 2014


I cannot speak for anyone else, but this MLB trade deadline has given me my fill of "fake outs." A fake Joel Sherman account tweeted that Marlon Byrd was traded to the Yankees. ESPN's Jim Bowden's Twitter feed was strange, to put it nicely. He was caught stealing tweets from a fake account, that was also Jim Bowden, but the first Jim Bowden is now a Ralph. Yes, it was weird. One of BYBs favorite guys, Craig Calcaterra, spent some time entertaining the masses by mocking the fake accounts. That was probably my favorite part of the entire day. Even MLB was duped by some of these accounts.

Mass mayhem!

It was confusing, chaos, and maybe a little funny, but I've really have had all I could take. So, when Casey messaged me saying that good ol' Lou Piniella was ranting about... well, we couldn't actually figure it out, I stopped to give it a while. "I'll get to this later tonight," I told him. Something told me to just hold off. Maybe it was the fake Twitter accounts, but if something seems too crazy, it's probably a fake. Thanks, Twitter!

I'm going to post the radio interview, but first I want to make sure that we all know IT IS A FAKE. It's a bit by the radio host, and absolutely NOT LOU PINIELLA. Got it? Not Piniella! Okay, here it is:

The "interview" with the guest they only ever call "Sweet Lou" starts around the 1:30 mark. The guest seems seriously ticked off about being left alone with a group of kids. He then goes into a tirade about a certain player, who he doesn't want to name. This player is a teammate of Derek Jeter's and his first name starts with the first letter of the alphabet. A player that he happened to coach in Seattle. I wonder who that could possibly be? Maybe, Alex Rodriguez? Is that possible? "Sweet Lou" never actually mentions ARod by name, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

Okay, I get it! People don't like ARod. People want to poke at him as much, and as often as possible. There is no objectivity to the ridicule. Most of it is based on some sort of bias. That is their prerogative, I suppose. However, now you are bringing Piniella into the mix? Okay, so what exactly do you have against the REAL Sweet Lou? If you don't see how assuming his nickname, and doing a fake interview that effectively makes Lou sound like a stark raving mad lunatic can do his reputation damage, you really don't understand the power of the internet. Unless that was your intention, in which case, you have some serious problem all your own.

Look, I'm all for comedy. Laughter is an incredible medicine. But at the sake of another person's reputation? WOW. That I can't accept. There is nothing funny about making someone else feel awful about themselves, or making other people believe awful things about them. We know it's a fake NOW. But this piece would have been completely different had I decided to attack it the moment Casey sent me the clip.

I'm just tired of all the "fake outs." It's not in the least bit funny to me. These people have worked to develop their careers, reputation, and a certain level of respect among their peers. For others to ruin even a small portion of that for a laugh is unacceptable. If you want to know what the REAL Sweet Lou thought about ARod, work your hump off, develop your brand, earn some respect, and request a REAL interview.

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer 
Twitter: @e_morales1804


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