Friday, August 15, 2014


The Yankees are an incredible franchise and I am proud to not only be a fan since the 1970’s, but to have created Bleeding Yankee Blue, read by almost 3 million people since our birth in 2010. We, as fans, love our Yankees. We root hard and we want this club to win 162 games. While unrealistic, that’s the mentality in Yankeeland. We are spoiled and you know what? I’m proud of that. We’ve won 27 championships.  Life is good when you put it that way… 

But what has happened recently is a much different feel.  We’re not the super power we once were. We look lost at times, unsure of our decisions, unsure of our personnel and talent and the youth movement, once touted by Yankee brass to be talented and prospering, has been touted by others as “not so much.  Our team, while name driven, isn’t producing, and it raises questions about what we really can accomplish in 2014.  I’m here to tell you, I ain’t turning my back on the New York Yankees, but we need to be realistic now.  Rooting isn’t winning… winning is winning and the Yankees have to do it, not us fans. Their the ones holding the bats. Their the ones getting paid millions to suck. They need to turn it around... A.S.A.M.F.P.

Are we ready for this fight? I mean not us fans, but the New York Yankees. I mean honestly, are we ready? The fight isn't easy and it's just getting harder right this moment. You know the drill going into September… We play our division rivals like crazy.  Not only does it make the end of the season exciting, but it makes the run more clear.  At this moment right now, we’re 8 games out.  We just had a terrible series against the Orioles… must win games mind you, and we’re about to play many more "must win" games.  In fact, let’s be dramatic and truthful; We need to now win the rest of the season if we want any type of momentum and drive.  

You know what is the most disappointing part of this puzzle? Derek Jeter doesn’t deserve this. In fact, this is so NOT the way Jeter’s career has gone.  Derek has been in the right place at the right time for years.  Everything he touches turns to gold.  In line with his career, it almost makes sense that we win the whole damn thing his final season.  But looking at where we are, we should no longer think about winning the division, because our team doesn’t seem experienced enough, or good enough.  Instead, and I can’t believe I’m saying this… the Wild Card is in fact the only way in.   

I hate the Wild Card.  It’s like giving little accomplishment trophies to every team member once the regular season ends. “You almost won. Here’s a trophy.” I don’t get it and I never will.   I know, I know, teams have squeaked in on the Wild Card ticket and won the whole damn thing, it happens. It’s not illegal and it’s totally legit… but it’s weird and I don’t like it. That being said, it may be the only way this club, made up of "ducks on the pond" and "pop ups we don’t need ", can actually make it to the playoffs.

So I ask again… are we ready for this fight? Are the Yankees able to sit back and understand the importance of their new goal… the Wild Card? Can they find it in themselves to think "clutch" and stop thinking solo home runs?   Can our pitching continue to do their terrific job of holding teams to give our Yankee offense a chance? I mean, we know the problem, it’s not the pitching… it’s the hitting.  If we have a guy on second, find a way to get him over to third. If you have a guy on third with 1 out, Sac fly gentlemen... get him home.  Fundamentals. Basics. Baseball.  Start small, gain momentum and then, once the confidence comes the wins come too.  Break bad habits and routines.  Energize a club with smart hitting. Stop looking for the fence.  

I know… now I’m rambling. I rambling probably because I just find it outrageous that this club can’t figure this out.  They are a major league baseball club.  They are capable of so much…McCann. Ellsbury. Gardner. Beltran. Jeter. Why is this so hard?  

Are we ready for this fight? Are we truly ready for this run going into September? Can we get to the playoffs? I say yes, but we need to be realistic about our goals.  While the division is not truly out of reach on the 15th of August, the way we’ve been playing lately, I’m not sure we can catch up.  Then again, these are the Yankees and they have an incredible history. Bottom line though, we the fans can root all we want, but rooting isn’t winning… winning is winning… and we need to start winning if we want any shot.   

We can, I know we can, but the time is now! For crying out loud, the seasons almost over.

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