Friday, August 22, 2014


Our Bleeding Yankee Blue family all know how much we love Amber Sabathia. When it comes to the Sabathia family, we appreciate their values and dedication to the family unit, as well as helping others.  The PitCCh In Foundation is incredible for that.  But there's more to Amber and I have to say, over the past year, watching CCandy grow, I applaud her hard work, she's incredible.

Amber's a business woman and the creation of CCandy, her clothing company could be considered her baby, much like BYB had become mine. CCandy is clothing geared towards kids and the company is about to have it's 1st birthday, just in time for the return to school.

I remember when we spoke to Amber about CCandy last year. (Read A MOMENT WITH THE SABATHIAS I'LL NEVER FORGET) She told me in our meeting at Neiman Marcus that she had an idea, and she wanted it to work. Major League Baseball clothing, but geared toward boys and girls.  Fun clothes. Colorful clothes. She said: "We will try and come up with new designs and ideas and we'll show pictures to the kids and Lil' C will say, 'I don't like that, but I'd wear that!...  I didn't go to school for fashion. I went to school for teaching... so this is a new venture for me."

She takes it seriously, and it's paid off.  She's slowly building an empire with an idea that was out there, but no one snatched it up.  Amber looked around, saw was needed to be done, and created a fantastic product. I even bought shirts for my kids just in time for Christmas last year. They still wear them all the time:
The point is, the products they offer at CCandy is just awesome, durable and fun. Check out the store!

With school right around the corner, consider buying some terrific products.  There are clothes for boys and girls and colors are awesome. 

They're bot that professional, corporate type look for kids. Instead, they're "kid colors". 
Amber nailed it! 

Take a moment... support Amber.  She's a great woman, mom, wife and amazing business guru. 

Check out You will NOT be disappointed.

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