Thursday, July 10, 2014


Just in case you want to hear bad news... BYB is here to bring it. Hey, don't yell at me, I'm the messenger.

It's been revealed today that Masahiro Tanaka will be shelved for 6 weeks, probably longer. The reason? We'll go with MLB's report on this one:
There's no other way to say it... it's disappointing. But I am not the type to give up.Yes, losing Tanaka is a blow, but we have to power on.  We have Brandon McCarthy. We have David Phelps who's been promising.

We have Hiroki Kuroda, who, much like last season, has to step up again. He will, they will lead us and we will be OK. But there is no question that Brian Cashman has got to get on the phone right now for reinforcements.

He needs to make a deal for Cliff Lee, for Cole Hamels, for David Price, whomever he can to give us a fighting chance with, because the bottom line is... without pitching, we can not win. I don't care what anyone says... we need strong pitching.

Don't give up ladies and gentlemen... we are the Yankees, we will survive.

And to Tanaka... get well soon.

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