Wednesday, July 30, 2014


For some, it’s that exciting.  

For Ty Hensley, it’s the greatest gift ever.  Especially if you woke up with a new club today.  Ty Hensley is with the Staten Island Yankees and on his birthday, no less.  But it's not only that.  Today he takes the mound in a start for the S.I. Yankees, after a long journey, a few setbacks and a lot of hopes, dreams and determination. Bottom line, he made it back, not by sitting on the couch waiting for it to come to him.  He went to it. That's a competitor. That's what we want on the New York Yankees.  
Marci Hensley tweeted me the news yesterday. I was on the train... and I smiled big.  

Now let me be clear, I have never personally met the Hensley family. But they, like my family, see the big picture and it’s because of that, that we get along so well. I appreciate what Ty brings to the table. His faith and family keep him grounded and he has known his mission for a while now in his short life... work hard and succeed. No doubt that stems from his upbringing.

No one can be prouder than his parents  right now.  Marci spoke with BYB about the struggles of minor leaguer player, like her husband and Ty's dad, Mike Hensley. The desire is enormous to make it to the major leagues, but sometimes the struggle is difficult. She spoke about how different it was back in the late 80's early 90's compared to now. I wanted to share that exchange from our interview with her:

BYB: Did you always know Ty was going to play professional ball? What is your earliest memory of him playing baseball?

Marci Hensley: Professional baseball?  No.  In fact, I was not a fan, and until his sophomore year in high school, I avoided the thought of it.  I lived through it with my husband, Mike Hensley.  I lived through the highs, the lows, the injuries and his heartbreak when he was released. We worked 4 jobs between us to allow him to finish school, most of the time not knowing where our next dollar was coming from.  It's different now, signing bonuses are bigger and back then the scholarship program didn't exist.  That piece made me much more supportive of Ty's career choice.

No doubt, these days, Mike and Marci are smiling wide seeing Ty following his own dreams.   

It's been suggested in life that you want your children to do better than you did, and as parents you try and set them up and steer them straight so they have that opportunity. Well, if I asked Ty how he got there, he’d point Marci and Mike’s way. Much like Derek Jeter and his parent's guidance,  there is not better teacher than a parent.

So, today in Staten Island, Ty Hensley pitches again. He takes the mound on his birthday and it’s significant because since being picked first round in 2012, he’s had a few setbacks.  But quitting never crept into his mind… winning and succeeding did.  You know how I know? Because Ty Hensley is in Staten Island today.  Another goal achieved, but more to go.

Happy Birthday kid.  I said it once and I’ll say it again. I love your drive, love your focus and we’re all rooting for you here at Bleeding Yankee Blue. You make us proud.

Tell me when you’re in NYC. You and I are sharing a pizza at Fratelli’s… I’m buying.

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