Thursday, July 3, 2014


Harsh enough for you? I don't really care if it is anymore. I am an optimist at heart. I AM that "glass is half full" kind of gal. Negativity doesn't get you anywhere. Just like negativity gets you no where... that is exactly where the Yankees are going.....nowhere, and I am tired of it.

It is July now. No more of this "It's only....." talk. Nope. It is late in the game. Think about it, next month is August. Next month we are talking about the post season. After missing it last year for Mariano Rivera's last year I can't take missing it again. Not two years in a row. I can't handle it. Just think about it is giving me an ulcer and my calm demeanor is quickly being replaced by a green female version of the Hulk. Not a lovely image, I know but it is true.

I sat at work yesterday watching the ESPN alerts scroll across my phone. It is lucky I cant listen or watch the game from work because I think my Hulk side would have come out. This is ridiculous. No, actually it is re-damn-diculous. I just made up a word here, oh well. Look, this is the last hoorah for Derek Jeter. I keep getting reminded of that from my dad. Yes dad, I know. We couldn't send Mo out on top last year, we are sucking again this year with a better lineup, well at least on paper. In reality, our lineup is a hot mess.

I can't take it anymore. We are supposed to have a deeper lineup than last year. We sucked last year because we had no bat power. We have it this year and we can't execute! It's not even about not hitting in scoring position anymore, it's just that we flat out don't have good hitters! There is absolutely no reason why this team should be scoring 2 or 3 runs a game.

Thank god for Brett Gardner right now because without him we would be screwed. He has already hit eight home runs this year, that is his total for all of last year. At this rate I wouldn't be surprised if he finishes with close to 15. I already said this too, but Mark Teixeira has been important to us too. He has done his part. The batting average may not be there but he is hitting and he has beaten the shift a few times! Seeing that makes me excited. Everyone else....can't hit for beans. What is with Brian McCann?! Can someone please introduce him to the short right porch. It was made for him and yet....they aren't acquainted. I don't get it, he is a great hitter and a game changer but for whatever reason he just can't get it together. I am missing Russell Martin right about now.

What about Carlos Beltran? The guy is post season well oiled machine. This year he looks rickety. That forearm is still a problem. Maybe the Yankees should have just let him have the surgery and look forward to next season because this lesser version of him is not helping us. We can't just DH him everyday. We need him in the outfield.

And what about Alfonso Soriano? Seriously, Cubs fans at work are pointing and laughing at me. I remember last year, he was a beast! This year....ugh. He is a shadow of himself. No matter how you slice it the lineup is stacked with bad hitters right now with two exceptions.

Let me put this into perspective for you. I play softball and my team sucks. We really do. All of us will tell you we suck. We are the WORST team in the circuit and we know it. I think we work harder than this team does right now. We practice and take batting practice and still get beat every week. Our first couple of games we couldn't hit a beach ball. At least now we are making contact and you know what.....we are scoring more than 3 runs a game. Unfortunately, our opponents are scoring 10+ runs. Like I said, we suck. At least we are being productive and you know what....we are frustrated by the fact that we know we can do better. Maybe the Yankees want to play against us because right now I think we could take them. That's how sad they look on the field right now. My team has more passion then these guys do right now. Show me you are frustrated. Show me some passion. Are you alive or are you thinking about your golf game?

I want to see a Paul O'Neill raging moment right about now.

The entire team needs a wake up call. Can we clone Masahiro Tanaka? Because seriously, he is the ONLY starter we are getting length from. I was listening to Michael Kay the other day and he said the Yankees bullpen has pitched more innings than any other team in the league. No wonder why we blow it so often! They are tired!

We use and abuse them and it's not fair. Last thing I want to hear is Dellin Betances or David Robertson going down because they are overworked. If that happens, watch out because my next post won't be pretty. These starters need to hold themselves accountable! Larry Rothschild needs to get his butt off the bench and start working with these guys or the Yankees need another pitching coach. There is no excuse for a starter consistently going five innings. None. If you can't do it....please exit stage right.

It's time for a closed door meeting. It's time for a "Posada type" closed door meeting! Someone needs to take a leadership role here and turn this around fast. We just got swept by a last place team. The Yankees can make up some ground in the wins column since they have played fewer games than their rivals but you can't make up for the losses. Someone needs to stand up and light a fire under everyone and management needs to get it together....and that goes double for you Kevin Long!

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ


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