Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Remember when I told you that Troy Tulowitzki would be a perfect idea for the Yankees? Almost like the passing of the baton between Jeet and Troy? Well, Troy's interested.

I wrote this last week in GET TROY TULOWITZKI NOW! 

"Troy wants to be on a team that wins. Logically, if you're reading BYB, you and I both know it's gotta be the Yanks! I say this... Get Tulowitzki to New York! Pass the torch, one Derek Jeter to one true baseball fan of Derek Jeter!  Then, when Jeet hangs it up, we're covered with another awesome shortstop. Pass the baton Cashman.  Get Tulowitzki to the Bronx, put Tulowitzki in the DH role for now, have him play short on days Jeet needs a rest and transition him casually. Plus, for the Yankees, it's an amazing marketing tool!"

It's not a bad idea... in fact, it's brilliant. I kid, but I do like the idea personally.  Now Ken Davidoff of the New York Post has a great piece about Troy, and he says he wouldn't mind succeeding Jeter in the Bronx. Tulowitzki:

 "... hinted Monday he would be open to leaving the struggling franchise that drafted and developed him. He also didn’t hide his enthusiasm over the idea of replacing Jeter, who of course intends to retire following this season, with the Yankees.

When The Post mentioned the Yankees would have a shortstop opening in 2015, Tulowitzki responded, “No doubt, I think everybody knows that. Everybody wants that perfect story, whoever it may be. Whether it’s me or somebody else who took over for Derek, no doubt, it makes for a great story."

If Cashman's smart, he's putting together a package right now.  Let's get Troy, it's clear, he wants to be in New York.  He wants to be part of a competitive team! Plus, Tulowitzki will be able to help our lack of run scoring!

Last time I had an idea like this... Ichiro was traded to New York. Read ICHIRO IS A NEW YORK YANKEE...you're welcome.

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