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(In Photo: Chase Headley)
I have never spoke negatively about a player in the major leagues when it comes to talent and ability.  I don't care to say a player's "trash" or "no good." Why? Because it's hard to climb the ladder to get to the major leagues and it's harder to stay there.

Making it to the majors is a huge achievement, and what happens next is up to you. Over time, fan's view you in certain ways.  For me personally, I have opinions of players, but I question what they bring to the table, usually because I'm protective of what we have.  I might be different than many of you, because I physically feel for these guys out there on the field.

 I know for instance that Yangervis Solarte and Dean Anna were career minor leaguers, but it's the heart and drive they have that won me over.  I understand average or home runs stats... maybe even their OPS, I mean, I'm not a dummy, but for me, it's the grind, the journey and I feel for them.  Sure, many of you will suggest it's the wrong way to be a fan. I simply ask... Why? What do you care how I feel? And by the way, it's not wrong... it's me.

The last time I felt for a bunch of youngsters with a hope and a dream, Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada were in the system.  They have won 5 championships since then.  My point is we root for the underdog, and we respect the grind... and that's OK.

I wrote a knee jerk reaction piece about the Chase Headley trade yesterday.  It wasn't about Headley and his ability.  It was about the decision the Yankees made to flip someone like Yangervis Solarte for him. I didn't like it, and while Solarte was an easy move, I still didn't want it.  As Kurt, a BYB reader wrote yesterday on Facebook:

An interesting observation for sure, and that was my point in my post titled: PANIC EXPOSED! SOLARTE TRADED FOR HEADLEY. The move to get Headley to New York was perfectly fine, but I wanted my emotion to run the post, not the stat side. That's what BYB is and that's what some of you don't seem to understand.  We're driven by fan opinion and emotion, and that's why BYB is important, because you can make your statements, and we'll talk about it after.  The dialog and the passion is important for the fans, and raw emotion, a rant, is good.

Mister D wrote brilliantly yesterday, responding to my post:
"Yankees are not pulling in a player without downside with what they have to give up. Will be forever grateful of Solarte's great month, but that's all it was and there is no reason to believe he'll be a valuable piece in the future... Headley is a rental, but immediately upgrades the defense. So long as the money doesn't stop the Yankees from making any moves this is a marginal 2014 upgrade with only a marginal cost in the future."
All good and professional and I think we actually agree.  Here's another; Travis likes to throw stats out there... which is perfectly fine, but Bleeding Yankee Blue doesn't do that... you know that, but here it is anyway:

"God, what an awful article. It's like you didn't take into consideration the facts that Solarte is 27 years old, not 22, has spent over 8 years in the minors, and has been released by two organizations prior to being signed by the Yankees.  

Solarte is not a diamond in the rough. He was a nice story the first month of the season. Month of June? He hit .164. Month of July? He hit .118. The league figured him out, and he was CLEARLY over matched. 

Headley is only 30 years, and has way more experience. He is a true everyday player, and not a utility guy like Solarte. His defense is VASTLY superior, and his offense will likely prove to be also. After a slow start, Headley is hitting .323 in his last 70 ABs. Plus, this is not 'more of the same' as the organization is not tied to a large contract at the end of this season.

Great move from the Yankees all the way around. Gave up nothing for a sure-fire defensive replacement, and a very likely offensive boost. Absolute-worst case scenario Headley somehow winds up hitting .150, and even then they break even with what they were getting from Solarte."

Travis and I spar. His words appear abrasive, but he means nothing by it. Truth be told Headley is good defensively and guess what, he IS more of the same, despite what Travis says.  The truth is saying a player has way more experience than Solarte is fine, but so does the entire Yankee lineup, and they still can't score runs consistently.  And that goes back to my point. While I want the Yankees to win, and from the look of their lineup, they should be able to win mightily. What does it matter is it's Headley, Solarte, Willis or Tommy Musclewitz.  1 player does NOT make or break a team. 

Solarte may have been batting .164, but half the team is batting around .250. Solarte may have batted .118 in July, but he only had 17 at bats.  Truth be told, I root for players, and Headley will be just fine in the Bronx, but we don't know if he'll offer anything. In fact, no one knows... not even Travis or Suzyn Waldman. We're rolling the dice like we would do with any player we acquire. You know that, and I know that.  At the end of the day, was it truly a bad trade? Nope, but I'm disappointed.  Many of you, including Travis, forgot BYB is about emotion, not Sabermetrics.  But don't worry, I ain't mad at ya.

Frank Gentry, a former BYB writer wrote this of the trade:
A really great point and I remember 2012 well.  Headley was great then and that's in the back of my mind. I mean, can Headley prove his worth as a rental in the Bronx? I think it's safe to say we all hope so.

How about Steve's comment:

"This Yankee fan is completely fine with this deal (not even close to angry). There is a reason Solarte has been in the minors for 8 years. Headley won't set the world on fire and ultimately may not even be an upgrade..but they gave up NOTHING. I like your passion..."

Good comment and nothing I disagree with. Again, my original post was written in the heat of the moment... on purpose. I like the players that suit up in pinstripes. I learned to enjoy Solarte and again, I was disappointed in him being traded, much like I was disappointed when Dean Anna was sent down.  I like their passion, them believing in themselves, and sure, you may disagree with it, but that's me... that's BYB.

Right this second, Chase Headley's a Yankee.  And guess what, it's not a bad thing, especially after last night's walk-off.  Did I like the Yankees choice of players to ship out? Nope. But will I get over it? Already did. What's my point to all of this? I appreciate my readers. You make it fun, the dialog is terrific... and I thank you all for keeping us going.  But for all of you that think we're gonna "wow" you with stats and be like the other blogs... Well, we're not and we never will be.

Bleeding Yankee Blue is driven by raw emotion and fandom.  If we wanted to be like the others, you would have never found us.  At least now you know we're alive and well... and different.

That's the key word...DIFFERENT.

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