Friday, July 25, 2014


And just so the Bleeding Yankee Blue audience understands.... this is rumor season. It's fast and furious and 90% of the time, nothing is what it seems, until it happens.  It's fun and we just need to let it happen.

There is chatter right now that would suggest that if a team like the Yankees wanted to go after a pitcher like AJ Burnett, they could make a deal to acquire him... and, according to Brendan Kuty of the Star Ledger and others like Jerry Crasnick of ESPN, AJ Burnett couldn't do anything about it, like, as they suggest, block the trade. 

But the big part of this story is this;  Is this REALLY a story? Are the Yankees REALLY looking at AJ Burnett? Maybe, but they weren't in the beginning of July, so who knows where their head is now.

Jerry Crasnick of ESPN tweets:
So what does it mean? Quite simply it means, IF the Yankees are interested, there is nothing Burnett can do about it. In other words, it's just another name out there, and writers are doing the best they can to keep you entertained and engaged and clicking. 

BYB is no different, BUT we are honest and we will explain what's really going on... that's the difference, and that's why you come to us. Thank you.

Oh yeah... and AJ Burnett is Batman...

Enjoy your Friday.

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