Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Now, if this was the 1970's and the Fonz was really released by the Yankees, I think that would be a great story.  But it's not the 1970's as much as I enjoyed those times in my youth...  It's 2014, and yes, it's true, Alfonso Soriano was officially released by the New York Yankees. Sad I know, but it had to be done.

According to Aaron Gleeman at Hardball Talk, "Predictably none of the other 29 teams wanted anything to do with Alfonso Soriano’s contract on the waiver wire, so the 38-year-old went unclaimed after being designated for assignment by the Yankees last week and has now been released."

All true. And so now the question is, what's next for the Fonz. Maybe retirement? Maybe a spin-off? There I go again... dreaming about the 1970's and reruns and spin-offs ... damn you Pop Culture!

What's next, we sign Evel Knievel? I kid...

Anyway, good luck to you Alfonso... I always liked you.

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