Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Not sure if you happened to see the Funny of Die parody of the Alex Rodriguez #RE2PECT video, but it's absolute trash.

It's titled F13K A-Rod, and to be honest, it don't even get it. Take a look:

Now, say what you will about ARod.  Many call him a selfish player.  He may be.  Many call him overrated, but his numbers don't reflect that.  Still others call him greedy because of the contract his signed. Well, the Yankees were the ones that signed him.

Before the Yankees, it was the Rangers that signed him to a monster deal.  Bottom line, he's asked for a contract and he got it... just like other players in baseball history.

And yup, he's been caught using PEDs and he's serving a full season suspension. But others have been caught and lied in that whole web too. Ryan Braun for instance... where's the Funny or Die video about him? Manny Ramirez failed twice and was laughed out of baseball, just to finally come back now and play for the Iowa Cubs minor league club.

David Ortiz still hasn't admitted to using, even though some sort of foreign substance was listed in his failed test back in 2003, before the substance was "illegal."  But don't worry... he's trying to find out how that happened.

The point is, you can rank on Alex Rodriguez all you want, but a 2 minute tribute video of giving the guy the finger? And for what? A laugh? A laugh that lasted up the the guy below...  

And then the joke was old.

Funny or Die is better than that.  It's low rent, and pathetic and you're clearly desperate for laughs.

Sorry guys, you blew that one.

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