Monday, July 7, 2014


There is a certain thinking that comes with moving from team to team.  The 1 type of thinking suggests you're just a regular player and if you're needed, and a team is willing to move you, you get shipped out.  The other type of thinking is, you're wanted, because that team knows what you're capable of... I like that type of thinking better, and it applies to Chris Dickerson.

Our pal, Chris Dickerson is on the move again.  The Indians inquired about him, the Pirates shipped him the Cleveland.  That story comes from Jordan Bastian of MLB.
The reason was because Michael Bourn being out with a hamstring.
Logically, they need someone capable of filling the role while Bourn is out. 

(In Photo: Michael Bourn)
Dickerson is underrated... so my thinking is, he goes to Cleveland, he impresses and hopefully continues to have a job once Bourn gets healthy.

In this scenario... do you want to be Dickerson or Kottaras right now?

We love Dickerson here. We loved him in the Bronx, we loved him in Baltimore and even in Pittsburgh. Now we love him with the Indians... check out our BYB interview with him. EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: CHRIS DICKERSON.

Good luck Chris.

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