Sunday, July 6, 2014


It's official. The New York Yankees in their move to upgrade the Yankees starting rotation have done something! They have traded Vidal Nuno to the Arizona Diamondbacks for Brandon McCarthy!

Now, 2 things have happened here. BYB has been pretty down on Nuno lately and we wanted him moved.  While we didn't see a trade in the works, we did think that a demotion and a reprogramming of him in AAA might be good.  That clearly didn't happen.  Couple that with BYB suggesting that Brandon McCarthy would be a good fit... and we truly were onto something.

We wrote in HEY HAL, IT'S TIME TO GET ANOTHER STARTER the following:
"Brandon McCarthy is a wild card that the Yankees may look at. With a 1-6 record and 5.01 ERA this season, you may be wondering if there is anything of value here. One can explain the 1-6 record by the fact that he is playing for the last-place Arizona Diamondbacks. His ERA is mostly attributed to home runs allowed, but he is pitching in homer happy Chase Field...  He also has some good history against high-octane offenses like Boston and Detroit. Boston has hit .252 against him and Detroit .259 over his career. With his current season record, the Yankees may be at a strong advantage in trade negotiations."
 Well done Ike Dimitriadis.

Here's the report today about the trade, brought to you by the New York Daily News:

"The Yankees have acquired veteran right-hander Brandon McCarthy in a swap of under-performing starters with the Diamondbacks. McCarthy, 30, is 3-10 this season with a 5.01 ERA. The Yankees are sending 26-year-old Vidal Nuno to Arizona in exchange for McCarthy."

Good work by the Yanks making a move. Welcome to New York Brandon... now let's get to work.

Hey Nuno... good luck.

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