Tuesday, July 1, 2014


David Phelps did perfectly fine last night.  The Yankees could not score runs off of Chris Archer and Co. That's it.  I feel like this is Groundhog Day and I'm Bill Murray.  I can't believe I write about a Yankee loss every day... but I do. Maybe if I keep going back, I can right the wrongs and fix it... but I doubt it. In fact... I know it.

What are we gonna do? You understand that the Yankees are free falling right now, right?  Have you seen our division lately? Have you seen the standings? Have you seen what we should be capable of, but instead what we're doing? We CANNOT SCORE RUNS! Why?

Phelps went 5.2 innings last night.  He gave up 4 hits and 2 runs.  Well done David. Bottom line, he kept us in the game.  The pen did their best to hold it down, but this time earned runs were off of Dellin Betances and Jose Ramirez.  I'm not exactly sure why Ramirez was out there in the 12th, but I don't think I'll ever understand Girardi's logic.  What I do know is that coaches need to be held responsible... and the time's coming!  Joe? Larry? Kevin? Get ready...

The Yankee run scoring went like this:

In the 3rd inning, Brett Gardner tripled and knocked in Ichiro. Derek Jeter then grounded out and in the process, Gardy scored.

In the 9th, Brian Roberts hit a solo homer.

It was after that tie game that Logan Forsythe knocked in a run in the 12th... the Yankees couldn't come back.  It's pathetic and sad and again, if I could have the same game or series, or season over and over again and be able to go back and move the pieces around better, maybe we could fix it and win.  The sad reality is, we can't.  The Yankees have to do it themselves.  Cashman gave this Yankee team the tools... we just can't win... and it's sucking the life out of us Yankee fans.  Don't believe me? Look at an overview of Yankee stadium lately... no one wants to be there anymore... sad.

Final: Rays 4 - Yankees 3 

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