Tuesday, July 29, 2014


It appears that if Pete Caldera mentions a guy like Josh Willingham being considered by the Yankees, it's glossed over by the baseball insiders. Until they put it out there themselves and make it there own. Apparently then it's a big deal. But I read everything, and I know who had it first.  I see the game they play, and I'm protective of my guy Caldera.  That's because I know that he personally works his tail off to get the nuggets and doesn't "take". It's independent, and it's inspiring... it's the way these baseball rumors used to be done... not anymore.   Don't know what I'm talking about? Read this...

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece titled BUYING, SELLING & THE NEW YORK YANKEES. In that piece, I pointed out the example Caldera gave about the Yankees looking for a power bat. The name mentioned was Josh Willingham. At the time, Caldera wrote:

"They could deal for a bat with an expiring contract, such as Josh Willingham."

That was written on July 13th and sure, it was obvious, but still, it's a nugget. But... no traction. But guess who came out with that story yesterday?  Your pals and mine... the people at CBSSports.com... and Jon Heyman.

"New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman is eyeing Minnesota Twins outfielder Josh Willingham as the July 31 trade deadline looms, according to WFAN and CBSSports.com baseball insider Jon Heyman." 

No, no... it wasn't WFAN OR CBS Sports... it was Pete Caldera.  Where's the credit anymore? Where's the journalism integrity? I guess you can attach "rumor" to it and anything goes? Wow. Disappointing. Are we just interested in "clicks" these days or are these people just thinking they're bigger and better than everyone and they can just steamroll over others? Lack of respect... I think so.

Truth be told, the Yankees ARE eyeing Josh Willingham, and the reality is, 1 more bat, a rental, would probably help us out in the run scoring department... we need a jolt.  But my source on this story is Pete Caldera.

Caldera's a stud. Also, let me mention an important part to this arrticle. Pete didn't know I wrote this, he didn't ask me to write this and has too much pride and confidence in himself and his work to even let this bother him.  Me however... I appreciate good old fashioned hard work. The life of a beat writer ain't easy, but he does it with class and professionalism, and you gotta tip your cap.  Whether Willingham comes to the Bronx is irrelevant here. But important for me personally is who got it first.

Atta boy Pete.

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