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Once again, Pete Caldera nails it on the head.  If you don't know Pete or read the Bergen Record, you're missing out.  Today's column, titled Some free advice for Yanks' GM Cashman puts alot in perspective, especially with Cashman patching things together right now just to keep the Yankees going.  Now, don't get me wrong, it's working, but Pete suggests something bigger.  Something all Yankee fans should be eager about, the future and what free agents are coming down the pike! Caldera writes:

"...A few do’s and don’ts as we see it from the press-box window... 

Now that the rotation has been somewhat stabilized by McCarthy, don’t spend the roughly $50 million to buy Cliff Lee from the Phillies. It’s not that Lee couldn’t help, or that money is a factor in the Yanks’ thinking, but the cash windfall should be saved toward a real haul this winter – purchasing Max Scherzer or Jon Lester in free agency..."

Pete's right. The idea of Lester or Scherzer and their talent in Yankee pinstripes would be incredible.  While I love the idea of a lefty in Lester, it would take a helluva lot to get him to New York. Money WILL HAVE to be a factor.  Lester's loyalty to the Red Sox is documented, but money talks. Scherzer will be looking for a big pay day, and I can see him coming to New York, although, he's a righty and we have plenty of them.

Pete continues:

"...Don’t overpay in prospects for the Padres’ Ian Kennedy, who isn’t a free agent until after the 2015 season. But do take a shot at one more starter with an expiring contract, with Colorado’s Jorge De La Rosa atop the list; prefer the lefty at Yankee Stadium..."

There's truth to that. Kennedy isn't worth it, especially for what Jim Bowden had suggested the other day. Read YANKS MAY TRADE JAGIELO & CLARKIN FOR IAN KENNEDY.

There's more:

"...But do keep inquiring of the Phillies on Cole Hamels and Chase Utley, though neither seems likely to be moved due to high contracts and no-trade-clause preferences. 

And don’t stop asking about the massive deal it would take to land Colorado’s Troy Tulowitzki to begin the post-Derek Jeter era next season."

Cole Hamels? Absolutely, a lefty and someone the Yankees and Yankee fans have wanted for a while.  Can we get the guy? The Phillies say no... but who truly knows what's coming down the pike.

These are observations from a guy that sees this team tick every day, and you know what? Caldera's right. While Cashman needs to patch things up now, he needs to also think about the future. A Lester, a Hamels, a Scherzer are definitely guys that need to be considered.  Sure, Lester would be "a former Red Sock", but plenty have come to New York to be equally successful.

And while everyone thought I was absolutely crazy to suggest Troy Tulowitzki should eventually become a New York Yankee... I feel as though if Caldera says it, we're on the same page. I ain't so crazy now. Tulowitzki wants to be in New York and the Rockies would be smart to make the right deal for him to ship him out of Colorado and into the Bronx for whomever they want.  It's the passing of the torch, from Jeter to another player who models himself after the Captain. The transition for Yankee fans would be smooth...

Look, Pete has his finger on the pulse and there are plenty of great suggestions in his column today, all are genius, and it puts what Cashman is doing into perspective.  Fill the holes now, get us to the finish line with a surprising group of guys right now, let them gel... and then, at the same time, Cash should count his money for the next installment.  The guys Cashman has collected right now are doing the job!

McCarthy is a gamer, he's done good things so far in New York.  Chase Headley is adapting quite nicely in the Bronx, and we are all happy he's here.  Jeff Francis will be a solid lefty out of the pen, and will give Matt Thornton a break down the stretch, and there is no doubt that over the next few days, Cashman will make another deal or 2 that will bolster our team.

Bottom line is this; as of right now, sometimes a shake up jolts a team... Headley... McCarthy... these guys came in and freshened us up.  Yankee fans should welcome them. And not only that... Yankee fans should also know that we are in good hands. Cashman's also thinking about  our future... and beyond.

Caldera's spot on today.  Good work Pete.

By the way, to my BYB audience, be sure to read Mike O'Hara's piece from yesterday... titled DR. CASHMANSTEIN'S MONSTER

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