Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I have had the great honor, and pleasure to watch Derek Jeter's career from start to finish. I watched him as a rookie, and even then he showed us that he would be amazing. There were doubts that first year. George Steinbrenner was not thrilled by having a rookie at the starting position of short stop, but Jeter pulled it off. You can say that I grew up as a person, and a baseball fan, all while watching Jeter.

I have gone on and on about Jorge Posada on BYB. I will make it no secret that I have a special place in my heart for the catcher. He is undoubtedly my all time favorite player of my lifetime. But, Jeter is... well, he is Jeter. It is difficult to look at his career and say anything but positive things about him. From his stats, to the overall way he has carried himself. He is a true class act. And so when Bob Sheppherd's voice came on, and announced "Number 2, Derek Jeter," I will admit it, I cried. And not quiet dignified tears, either. I cried for all the memories, all the life lessons I  learned watching with my grandfather, and all the ones I taught my sons. I cried because this will be the last time that Jeter will grace the field as an All Star. And of course, he hits an impressive double with his first at bat. Very Jeter of him.

Not to get off track, though. This is about the game. The All Star Game is like my Christmas. I turn into the worlds biggest kid. All giddy excitement. This year, each team was stacked. The AL had Jeter, Mike Trout, Robinson Cano, Miguel Cabrera, and Jose Bautista. The NL had Andrew McCutchen, Yasiel Puig, Giancarlo Stanton, and Chase Utley. The line-ups were powerful, which made for an interesting game.

The AL got things started in the first inning. Jeter hit a double, followed by a double from Trout. We even got the chance to watch an incredible moonshot from Cabrera. By the end of the inning, the AL was up 3-0. The NL answered in second, with a double from Utley, and Jonathan Lucroy, bringing the score to 2-3, AL. Lucroy doubled again in the fourth to tie the game up at 3.

I spent most of the game waiting to watch Dellin Betances pitch. That never actually happened though. A little bit ticked off by that. Would have been great to watch New York City's home town hero play.

The American League won this game. Meaning they will have home field advantage in the World Series. This was a great All Star game. Both teams were evenly matched. There wasn't a run away winner. Both teams battled until the end. Trout walked away with a well deserved MVP win. Fantastic ASG. It being Jeter's last made it bitter sweet. Now, onward and upward, Yankees! We've got a World Series to work towards!

Final: American League 5 - National League 3

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer 
Twitter: @e_morales1804


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