Thursday, July 10, 2014


Papi's talking alot lately.  Almost too much.  Almost desperate, trying to convince the baseball community that he's still Selig's Golden Boy.  What I have seen the past two weeks is damage control.  He wants it to go back to the way it was before.  He wants everyone to remember how cuddly and nice he is.  He wants people to remember that he's baseball's unofficial Ambassador.  But there are plenty of missteps... and the truth will come out.

Read GETTING TO THE CORE OF BIG PAPI'S TRUTH.It's the most comprehensive piece I could put together to explain Papi's falsehood.  Showing up on a leaked PEDs list in 2003 before PEDs were illegal in the MLB is hardly a crime, but it DID happen and bottom line, you don't show up on a PEDs list if you DIDN'T take them. It's that simple.  That was essentially my point. And that was the point that Joe Magrane was making on MLB Network the other day.  But now Ortiz is getting uptight.  He's thinking, "How can these baseball minds try to squeeze me like this? I'm David Ortiz!" And that's the problem with Ortiz, he thinks he's invincible.  How do I know?

Because on July 4th, he Tweeted this:
Now, to anyone who doesn't follow Ortiz, all you see is David in front of an American Flag.  Very Patriotic.  Maybe, but do you remember what that knucklehead said that day the photo was taken? He dropped the "F" bomb on National TV.

I don't forget clowns... and I was angry when my son and I watched that.  Yup, I watched it, I'm a baseball fan. I watch all of it, even the Red Sox. That display was an embarrassment, but not to David... he thinks he's just swell.

He's also recently told the MLB commentators, and me in a backdoor way, to "Shove it" with the PEDs talk, saying, "...They pointed fingers at me with no proof... They can get that free pass and shove it up their [expletive]."

Abrasive much? Very classy.

The walls are closing in.  Careful... the next picture David may tweet will be him with a puppy... to get you all fuzzy inside and forget about that 2003 PEDs list... oh that's right...

He did that already.

Sure, tell me I'm piling on. My point is simple... it happened, don't act like it didn't.

You're not invincible, Papi. 

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