Wednesday, July 23, 2014


This is what I'm talking about.  A kid with a dream and then he gets a shot. He shows alittle magic and the fans believe in him, because he believes in himself. The next thing you know, he's shipped off to another club.  But it doesn't end for him, he keeps on going. Yangervis Solarte is on a mission and in San Diego he will keep plugging away. Consider the Yankees his stepping stone. 

He did something classy and I wanted to share it with my BYB audience. Solarte thanked the Yankees, and the fans for the opportunity and the support... it doesn't get any better than that.

Here a portion of Solarte's statement:

"I just want to thank the New York Yankees for the opportunity they gave me; they made my dream to play in the majors come true...I am very thankful for the support the Yankee fans gave me, which was completely unexpected; they gave me inspiration to keep fighting and working hard." 

Hmm. Solarte has the fight in him, doesn't he? It's what we preach here and this statement fits perfectly into what Bleeding Yankee Blue is all about. We love the fight, the determination and that "never give up" mentality.

(In Photo: Jorge Posada)
It's why we root for guys like Jorge Posada, Jim Abbott, Ty Hensley, Aaron Small, and even Yangervis Solarte.  And, if you even wanted to, and I think you should, add in Chase Headley to the mix. A guy who also has had to fight his way back from injury, to suddenly be signed by the New York Yankees... only to win last night's game in a walk-off.

Root for the believer... it's a beautiful thing ladies and gentlemen...

And good luck to Yangervis Solarte.

He'll keep fighting, and I'll keep rooting.

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