Friday, July 18, 2014


Not the best news I heard all day, but we have to report it anyway.

Our friend CC Sabathia will have season ending knee surgery on July 23rd.  It's basically a procedure to clean out his right knee.

Look, the good news is, now he gets a fresh start in 2015.  The bad news... we lose him now, but think about it this way; could you imagine if he tried to power through this, and gave us loss after loss this season and then we found out that he was hurt? At least this is getting taken care of, and you hope the guy comes back 100% healthy next season. I'm personally pulling for him.

Finally, I have a question; Remember the beginning of the season when the fat jokes were flying and CC was thin and struggled? People suggested he needed to eat more donuts and suck down more pasta so he could be fat again and "be good"? Where are you now? Don't you feel like an idiot? Turns out CC was hurt... it had nothing to do with weight.  And that makes me wonder, could CC be a dominant force in 2015 skinny and healthy?  I'm going with YES!

Get well soon, you big lug! BYB is pulling for you... because you pull for us!

We love you and Amber!

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