Monday, July 14, 2014


Sort of. Maybe not in real life but he was in my dream last night. He rode in like he was a superhero, ready to be the knight in shining armor for the Yankees. Hey, sometimes dreams aren't realistic or make a ton of sense....all I know is he was ready to save the day. We need someone like that right?

I really don't remember a lot of the missing puzzle pieces here, I just remember seeing Brian Cashman sitting in his big tricked out office. He had his elbows on his desk and his face just fell right into his raised hands. He looked stressed out....he was running out of options and the phone was not ringing. What's a GM to do?

After losing Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel he was scrambling to try and find someone to help anchor the Yankee rotation. The stress was causing him to instantly age about 10 years and started to break out in a cold sweat. He stared at the phone like a teenage girl does on a Friday night waiting for her crush to call. The anticipation for the next big break was wearing on him and happened.

The phone rings! He jumps up a little in his seat and lets it ring once before answering, he didn't want to seem too desperate after all, right? He plays it off very coyly with a casual "This is Brian" and crosses his fingers. It's the White Sox calling! Finally! But his excitement quickly turns into disappointment when he hears the "No, we are not interested in moving Jose Quintana." It would've been nice to have him in the rotation and give the Yankees some stability but the White Sox made a 5 year / $21million contract extension to him in Spring Training. It was a long shot, right? He puts the phone down and starts pacing.

After a few minutes the phone rings again! This time he hustles back to the end of the room and answers..."Hello?! This is Brian...." and then the voice of Dr. Ahmad sent chills up his spine. It's usually not good to hear from Dr. Ahmad and anymore bad news could really put him over the edge. Unfortunately, after treating Masahiro Tanaka's UCL injury with the recommended injection he recommended a longer than anticipated rehab time. Not the news he wanted to hear.

So now what is he to do? Jeff Francis is already a Yankee, but this is now a red alert.

The phone rings again! This time, Cashman is in no hurry to get to the phone. In fact, he lets it ring 4 times before answering and when he does he sounds very uninterested, "This is Brian" he says cautiously. The voice on the other end sent a charge through him....

Andy: "Hey Cash! How are you holding up?"
Brian: "Andy Pettitte....I'm doing fine my friend. Long time no talk. You bored with retirement yet? Laura kick you out of the house?"
Andy: "Sort of."
Brian: "I will take that as a yes..."
Andy: "Basically. Hey look....I know this is very spur of the moment but, I want to come back and pitch. I want to help."
Brian: "You really think you are up for this? I mean, this is the second half. It's going to take you weeks to be ready but we could use your presence here."
Andy: "I'm ready to be on a mound now."

Crazy, right? But just like that.....a knight in shining armor. Maybe it is my nostalgic side kicking in. I am subconsciously battling with the reality here as I try to accept that the end of the Cour Four is here. After this year, there will be no more....and right now the Yankees need all the help they can get. So Andy if you are reading this know that you may have retired, but my inner psyche refuses to let you.

A girl can always dream, right?

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ


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