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This is a great email I received from former BYB writer Kate Munrow.  I wanted to share it because it was cute and when it comes to the Yankees, we like to share these types of stories with our audience... after all, we're 1 big family.  Thanks Kate for sharing... Enjoy this, I did.


I had to share this recent experience I had, and I just couldn't help but to think of you guys at Bleeding Yankee Blue! As you remember, I love Derek Jeter.  So, I was surprised with a trip from my family to see him play at the new Yankee Stadium!  I was there June 20th and 21st.  As you know, that Saturday was Tino Martinez day. Well, here comes the exciting part!

While doing a little shopping in New York City, I happened to go into the Cole Haan store for my son to look at shoes.  As I sat on a bench in the side of the store, I looked up and guess who is standing there? YES! It was Tino Martinez!  Now, I thought for a moment that I was going to faint. Nothing that exciting typically happens in my world.

The funny part is, the workers at Cole Haan came up to me and asked if he was famous. Funny, right? Immediately I rattled off stats, rings and referred to Tino as being honored on that Saturday. I also told them he was getting a plaque to be displayed at the Yankees Monument Park.

The girl laughed and said she asked him if he was famous because of my facial expression. Apparently, according to her, Tino told her "No." I laughed. She then approached him again. Apparently she told him I knew everything about him and he looked up and smiled at me.

Now truth be told, I didn't want to bother him.  I read articles about people who didn't want to bother celebrities and athletes while they were out in public... that stuck with me.  That went for me too... but Tino came over to me and my son and introduced himself.  He said "Hi, I'm Tino Martinez", and I immediately smiled and said "I know who you are."

He talked to my son and I for at least 10 minutes. It was the most amazing experience I've ever had with an athlete. Of course, meeting Jeter would trump it all. That being said, meeting Tino was amazing!

Anyway, when we left the store, all I could think about was Bleeding Yankee Blue and what a story I could tell! Hope you liked it!


I loved it Kate. Thank you! By the way ladies & gentlemen... you can read more about Yankee encounters with another former Bleeding Yankee Blue writer. Check out Will Cohen's meeting with Curtis Granderson recently.  Read CURTIS GRANDERSON IS STILL OK WITH ME!  Thank you all for reading BYB and making us such a success.  Also, thanks to both Kate and Will for some great stories... and for coming back to share with our audience... we are blessed.    -Casey

--Kate Munrow, Former BYB Writer

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