Tuesday, June 10, 2014


How is it possible that I'm 42 years old and 39 year old Hideki Matsui and 40 year old Johnny Damon will be at the Yankees Old-Timer's Day this year?  What does it mean? It means, as Craig Robinson said to Leslie Mann in "Knocked up"... "You're old as F#@k."

Yup... pretty much.

I am very excited to see Matsui and Damon join us again. Although, as I wrote about Damon recently in DAMON GOES WHEREVER THE WIND BLOWS...Johnny tends to go wherever someone says his name.  I know he was a good Yankee.

He was a good Red Sock too, but if the Toledo Mud Hens offered him a contract at this point, he may even be a good Mud Hen, running over that way and raising his hand as if to say, "I'm here, I'm here!" I feel like there's no true loyalty. That, or he's just overdoing it.

No question they both had great moments in pinstripes though. Pretty cool stuff.  As Jorge Castillo wrote in the New York Daily News: " Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui, a member of the 2009 World Series club, will be two of the three former Yankees to make their Old-Timers’ Day debuts. The other is John Montefusco, a native of Long Branch who pitched in 24 games over four seasons for the Yankees from 1983 through 1986."

I'm not gonna lie..I am secretly excited to see "the Count" as well.  Montefusco was never a great Yankee pitcher, but I do remember him and I think I still have his 1984 Topps card lying around somewhere.

But back to age and Old Timer's Day.  It's weird to see guys younger than me out there. The event is still great, but I keep getting older and the players keep getting younger.  Still though, Old Timer's day is such a fun time to remember all the Yankees' great, rich history.  I'm excited. 

Old Timer's day is on June 22nd.  Be ready for it... maybe they'll score more runs than the actual Yankees that day.

I kid... I kid... maybe.

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