Friday, June 6, 2014


I don't take alot of what Jon Heyman says seriously because let's face it, in the world of rumors and "insiders", no one truly knows.  But we recently wrote about Kendrys Morales and the idea of the Yankees getting him a few weeks ago in Mike O'Hara's piece titled, THE KENDRYS QUESTION. It was speculation. It was an observation and that's exactly what Jon Heyman is doing... he's just putting it out there as if he has it all figured out. We here at BYB like to act human... not superhuman... that's why we mock Jon with our side by side:

But for the sake of sharing, and it being Friday and the idea that perhaps the Yankees will beef up their lineup a bit, this is what is out there about Kendrys Morales from Jon Heyman of

"The MLB Draft has long seemed to be a key moment for Kendrys Morales, and with agent Scott Boras recently declining to OK the Yankees' request to wait a few days while they monitor the progress of Carlos Beltran and especially Mark Teixeira before Morales signs, indications are that the free agent will likely find a new home within the next day or two.

While the Yankees aren't necessarily out of the running for Morales, it would appear other teams -- including the Brewers, the incumbent Mariners and another team or two -- may have a better chance now to sign the first baseman/DH. The Yankees sought to gauge the health of Teixeira (wrist) and Beltran (elbow) to known how much playing time they would have for Morales, but they may be running out of time.

The Rangers are believed to have shown interest, as well, but are thought to be not as likely as some others at the moment. There is word there's a mystery team in the mix, which always adds to the intrigue."

Notice what I highlighted in RED. I know you BYB readers are smart and I know you understand why baseball insiders usually throw in a "mystery team" in their observation.  That usually is the baseball insiders "out", meaning, if none of the teams that Heyman listed in that article are one of the teams that Kendrys Morales actually signs with, Heyman can just say, "Hey, I said there was also a mystery team... What?"

In other words, you're all smart enough to know that there's no such thing as a baseball insider... and I think that's why you come to Bleeding Yankee Blue. Thank you for that.

Enjoy this rumor... and have a great day ladies and gentlemen.  When we actually know something about Kendrys, you will too.

Thanks for being you Jon... don't go changing.

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