Saturday, June 21, 2014


If your answer is "Yes", you're right.

Who knows about the Sandman from the Live at the Apollo show?  I used to get a kick out of watching performers on Amateur night get up there at the Apollo and if they didn't make the cut, the booing started, the lights flashed, the siren went and out came the Sandman with a broom or a hook and he'd get that amateur off stage quickly. It was fun. 

(In Photo: Sandman at the Apollo)
Unfortunately, watching Vidal Nuno pitch isn't fun and if he was on Amateur night... he'd be gone, plain and simple. And so, I believe that some time very soon the Yankees will make a decision to move Nuno out of the starting rotation. You don't go on a winning streak and then cross your fingers with Nuno. But they did. Silly. The Yanks needed to be smarter about that.  Vidal needs to go.  Take him out of the rotation, make him a reliever officially and let's fill that starting role with a better choice. Trust me, there are choices. Find one.

The Yankees lost today.  You can blame Nuno... it's OK.  He went 6.1 innings, he gave up 6 hits and 5 runs.  The O's only scored 1 more and that was off of reliever Jose Ramirez.  For the most part, the Yankee bats were silent and just couldn't come back today.  Hey, that happens, but the reality is, you don't want pitchers putting you in holes like that... it ain't easy to chip away.

The Yankee runs were small... only 1, and that happened when Mark Teixeira homered... it was his 12th, a solo shot.  The Yankees had 7 hits today, and were 0-9 with runners in scoring position.  Not too great, but hey, give them 1 loss... Dare I say, I bet we bounce back tomorrow... after all, it's Old Timer's Day.

Final: Orioles 6 - Yankees 1

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