Monday, June 30, 2014


We just can't keep up, ladies and gentlemen...

The Yankees fall short a lot.  Do you notice that? Couple that with the fact that we just lost 2 of 3 to the Red Sox, hardly a dominant team... and now we're about to play the Tampa Bay Rays. We've got problems, my friend. Today, June 30th... I'm not sure how we fix this, but it's clear something needs to be done. 

Look, I understand teams lose, but our mighty Yankees are not mighty at all.  We don't look good despite how we look on paper.  No one on the club is batting .300. Jacoby Ellsbury was left on base 3 times last night.  Brian McCann is still hovering around .220.  Teams have figured out Chase Whitley. CC Sabathia is still not back.  And we rarely score 6 runs a game. RARELY.

What we need is a strong talking to.  What we need is a firing.  Maybe it's time Larry Rothschild goes.  Maybe we show Kevin Long the door. How about Girardi? How about we release someone cold just to prove a point?  Maybe we shake it up a bit, just to show that we are the Yankees and we mean business.  I don't like what I see ladies and gentlemen. As a kid growing up under the Steinbrenner era... this is unsettling. 

The Yankees scored 5 last night to the Red Sox 8.  Once again, the leak had to do with our starter.  This time it was Whitley.  He went 4, giving up 8 hits and 5 runs.  The pen, while they gave up the other 3, were pretty solid.  Yet, I need to tell you, while using 5 relievers to shut down a team is sometimes necessary, it's not always necessary.  In the back of my mind I feel as though Girardi is just not trusting relief to go too long, he's opening the binder way too much.  Sometimes you need to go with your gut.  Anyway...

The Yankees run scoring went like this:

In the 3rd, Jeter singled.  That allowed Ichiro to score.  In the 4th, both Teixeira and Beltran homered.

Both were solo shots. In the 5th, Brett Gardner doubled knocking in Ichiro again. Then Jacoby Ellsbury grounded out softly and that allowed Gardy to score.

In the end, no matter how hard you think the Yankees played, we fell short and it's a loss. 

Ladies and Gentlemen... Yankee brass needs to open their eyes... when did "getting by" qualify as Winners? When?

Final: Red Sox 8 - Yankees 5

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