Thursday, June 19, 2014


Well, David Phelps did OK tonight, huh? The guy has been impressing me lately and if you know anything about BYB, you know that Suzie Pinstripe believes in the guy.  Well, I'm starting to believe too.  Tonight Phelps, against the Jays went 7 innings, he allowed 6 hits and only 2 runs.

Brian McCann caught him tonight... I'd say it was a very good battery, huh?

Great relief again tonight and it's been great relief alot lately for the Yanks.  The Blue Jays only scored 2 more runs off Shawn KelleyAdam Warren ended up getting the Save... another Suzie Pinstripe crush.

The Yankees run scoring went like this:

In the bottom of the first, Jacoby Ellsbury sacrificed home Brett Gardner.  In the second, Kelly Johnson sacrificed home Carlos Beltran. In the 3rd, Beltran sacrificed home Jacoby Ellsbury. Ellsbury tagged on a left field fly out... pretty heads up if you ask me.

In the 5th, Beltran then hit a grounds rule double knocking in Ellsbury. In the 6th Derek Jeter grounded out and knocked in Brian Roberts in the process. And in the 7th Yangervis Solarte walked with the bases loaded.  Yet another run scored.

More importantly, the Yankees have chipped away on the Jays lead in the AL East and swept them in this series! That's very important, especially with the series against the O's coming up. 

We just need to keep pushing now... 3 in a row ladies and gentlemen! That's a winning streak.

Final: Yankees 6 - Jays 4

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