Saturday, June 14, 2014


and David Phelps and the Yankees win 4 in a row.

The Athletics are for real, so it's important to beat these guys.  There is no way around it.  I said 4 days ago here on BYB that a winning streak is needed for many reasons;  For 1, it builds confidence as a club. For 2, it brings momentum and for 3... well... it's June, not March.  We need a club gelling together right around now.  We won last night, but more importantly, we're scoring runs... and Papa Johns needs to shell out some half price pizzas.  Oh goodie. Why do I keep saying that? Because I keep getting reminded in the comments section This is from the game 2 nights ago...

Thank you Sam... but we all know you're actually Papa John... it's OK big guy... your secret is safe with me.

Anyway. There was a game last night, and the Yankees winning and going 4 in a row was part of it, but the other big story is David Phelps.  David looked good.

He looked real good.  In fact, the kid's alright!  Everything he did last night impressed me and that's the way  I want to walk away from a game.  Phelps as a starter could take a long time, but he's making me a believer right now and I appreciate that! Phelps went 6.2 innings and gave up only 2 hits and 0 runs. In fact the rest of the Yankees pen combined for a shut out against the hot A's. The A's only had 2 hits! I like that alot.

The Yankees' run scoring went like this:

In the first, Jacoby Ellsbury singled knocking in Brett Gardner. Then Mark Teixeira sacrificed home Derek Jeter. In the second, Gardy singled home run number 3. In the 8th, Ichiro singled knocking in Tex. 

Then Roberts knocked in 2 on his single... they were Brian McCann and Ichiro. Shortly after that, Kelly Johnson knocked in Roberts.

Hey, you know what? No homers.  Small ball and yes, we're not used to that, but it worked last night. The Yankees gave Phelps run support and Phelps was able to pitch well.  He looked good and the team helped him out.  That's a winning combination.

Final: Yankees 7 - Athletics 0.

Get the wins, get the confidence, the momentum and the will and desire back.  We won 4 in a row ladies and gentlemen... a small victory, with hopefully more to come.

Go Yanks!

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