Sunday, June 22, 2014


Look, I love Masahiro Tanaka and what he brings to the Yankees. His 11 wins this season is terrific.  He's almost unstoppable. Well, today in the Bronx, he gave up 3 runs.  Those 3 runs were not "Masahiro-like", but it wasn't bad. It was alittle, just little enough to allow the Yankees to not be behind by much. In other words, they could have scored, rallied and made up that deficit. The Yanks could have kept it a close game, right?

Wrong.  Yankee bats were silent and Adam Warren gave up 4 additional runs after Tanaka's 6 innings of work. That was followed by the Orioles 8th run off of David Huff.  That's right... the Orioles had full control today and when my buddy said to me today, "What the hell happened to Tanaka?" I simply looked at him and said, "Well, Tanaka can't do everything"... meaning, there's a full team out there, we need to all jump in!

The Yankees run scoring was nothing.  Literally. They were shut out.  In fact, they only had 4 hits all game, not to mention 2 errors. In others words, on a day like today, Old Timer's Day, you expect magic at the ball park. You almost expect the Yankees of today to somehow honor the Yankees of yesterday with a win.  Well... sadly... we were flat... we lost.

Final: Orioles 8 - Yankees 0

Lame recap for a lame game, I know, I'm sorry... let's hope the next one is better.

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