Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I know Red Sox fans are pissed.  I've been there myself when guys like Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez get plunked in the same game by Red Sox pitchers and no one gets booted, but this suspension of Brandon Workman and not of David Price was correct in my opinion.

Brandon Workman got 6 games for throwing at Evan Longoria the night David Ortiz declared "war" on David Price.  USA Today has the breakdown:

"...Workman has been suspended six games and fined by Major League Baseball, which said he intentionally threw a pitch near the head of Tampa Bay's Evan Longoria during a game last week.

The penalty was announced Tuesday by MLB Senior Vice President Joe Garagiola Jr. Discipline would be put off if Workman asks the players' association to appeal.

Red Sox first baseman Mike Carp was hit on the arm Friday by a fourth-inning pitch from Tampa Bay ace David Price, who also plunked slugger David Ortiz on the hip in the first inning — triggering umpires to issue warnings to both teams."

And that's exactly why the suspension only went to Workman.  Look, Workman has claimed that the ball slipped out of his hand when he "accidentally" threw at Longoria.  We all know that's probably not true... I'm not saying what he did was wrong either. I have stated here multiple times that sometimes a plunking is warranted.  But it's WHEN Workman did it was what got him suspended.  Price did it early and then it was announced that both teams got a warning.

Now Price has stated sometimes you need to get that fastball "in" on the hands of batters, and I get that, and sometimes it gets away from you too. And look, I'm sure Price hit Ortiz on purpose, but no one on MLB knows the truth.  The only person who really does is Price and he's not going to show his cards.  The whole thing got crazy though, including this story. I mean, BYB has reported 3 different posts about it, mainly because Ortiz somehow made it about him.  In reality... it's very silly, including Boston Nation complaining about the suspension of Workman.  But in reality, it's about timing and Workman just should have tried much earlier, plain and simple.

Workman will appeal and he could win that appeal. but to me, this was a simple, correct decision... I can't wait to hear what Papi has to say about all of this.

Actually, I don't care... what the hell am I talking about? 

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